Welcome to Pool Season and Liability Insurance

Happy July 4th – is your pool safe?    Residential property managers as well as fitness managers and university personnel are gearing up for pool season – because the risk of liability soars at the community (or university) aquatic center. … Continue reading

How to effectively maintain your health and fitness new year’s resolutions through a few suggestions

Another year, another set of resolutions that we all say we’re going to complete, but how many actually do? “New year, new me”, but really we’re creatures of habit and breaking those habits are not as easy as we all would … Continue reading

Bally’s, Midtown Athletic Clubs, Direct Fitness Solutions & More Utilize soOlis.com’s Custom QR Codes

February 22, 2013 Nashville, TN Ever since soOlis.com, the everything fitness website, launched its custom QR codes, health clubs, corporate center, fitness distributors, and hotels have been ordering them as quickly has soOlis can make them. How can a QR … Continue reading

Fitness Distributors, Hotel Owners, Health Clubs Understand the Importance of Custom QR Codes

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If the Largest Percentage of Local Gym and Health Club Members are over 40 yr of age, Why is Cross Fit like Training so Popular?

I would really like some insight into this question.   According to Franchise Help, there are 41 million America people who are members of local gyms and health clubs; and the majority of them are over 40 yrs of age. … Continue reading

Research, Find, Compare and Now Review Fitness Equipment and Local Gyms & YMCAs on soOlis.com

July 23, 2012 Nashville, TN, soOlis.com, the most comprehensive fitness equipment and wellness resource website, announces its new review feature. With over 85% of individuals research products before they purchase, soOlis.com has become a welcome website where individual can research … Continue reading

soOlis.com’s Fitness Equipment Management Portal a Tremendous Asset for Fitness Equipment Dealers

May 19, 2012 Nashville, TN, soOlis.com, the most comprehensive fitness equipment and wellness resource website, has exploded with popularity and not for the reasons people think.  About six months ago, soOlis.com did a soft launch of their Fitness Equipment Management … Continue reading