Remarketing Helps Your Business

Activate new customers and missed opportunities Remarketing is the most recent business buzz word. Intelligent, strategic re-marketing services can propel your business forward and create deep brand awareness. Generally, “remarketing” is any sales and advertising strategy that maintains contact with … Continue reading

Welcome to Pool Season and Liability Insurance

Happy July 4th – is your pool safe?    Residential property managers as well as fitness managers and university personnel are gearing up for pool season – because the risk of liability soars at the community (or university) aquatic center. … Continue reading

Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots in Business

Chatbots will not replace humans any time soon. In the exploding world of Artificial Intelligence, meme-like cheerful robots that pop up on your screen every 30 seconds do it in order to expedite excellent service light years ahead of what … Continue reading

Fitness Equipment Depot is Looking for the Following Fitness Equipment

Cardio • 1 – Cybex 750a Arc • 2 – Cybex 610 Arc • 1 – Cybex 700C Upright Bike Strength • 1 – Cybex Seated Calf Raise • 1 – Cybex/Icarian PL Hack Squat • 1 – Hammer Iso … Continue reading

Wish List for Used Fitness Equipment from our friends at Fitness Equipment Depot Worldwide

Updated Wish List for used fitness equipment from our friends at Fitness Equipment Depot Worldwide: Cardio 10 – Cybex 630 Arc 3 – LifeFitness 95Xe Elliptical 3 – StairMaster 7000PT Blue 1 – StairMaster 4000PT 4 – LifeFitness 95Si Stepper … Continue reading