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Fitness Distributors, Hotel Owners, Health Clubs Understand the Importance of Custom QR Codes

As we quickly approach the Fitness Industry’s busiest time of the year, consumers are looking for a quick way to research fitness distributors, health clubs and fitness manufactures through mobile devices. The easiest way to find them are through custom QR Codes those little black and white squares that are popping up in print advertising and on packages. I for one really didn’t get the fascination with the little black and white squares until six weeks ago. As I sat in a local health club and pondered how, with all of its wealth of fitness information, could help the consumers in the fitness facilities and then I had one of those ah ha moments. We could help club owners increase their service and reduce their liability through instructional videos for each piece of fitness equipment. Since then, is in the process of developing custom QR Codes for several fitness manufactures, fitness facilities and management companies and we are very excited about the instructional videos, but last week we had another ah ha moment, what if we also attached our product information so if someone wanted to purchase a piece of fitness equipment that had our Custom QR Code on it, they could scan it find out how to use the piece, all the specifications on the product, and where they can go to buy it. I know from my past experience, I have had to try to locate fitness equipment that someone saw in a resort, health club, or hotel when they were on a trip. How many distributors or manufactures have heard this? “I was at this club and they had this elliptical type piece but it wasn’t an elliptical, can you get it for my club?” With this high tech and mobile world we live in why are we sending out brochures when we can get the consumer all the information they need with one scan of a custom QR code. This brings me to the actual QR codes. As we all know “Branding” is the name of the game and if you don’t have the money for major trade journals, trade show, or any other major advertising arena, you have to do the inexpensive avenues. Fitness Dealers want to be known by their names not by what product they carry. Same with gyms and health clubs, the club name must be top of mind to be successful, therefore why would you have a plain black and white QR code on anything? Customize it with the name of your business! Let help you be more successful with your personalized QR Codes. These QR Codes will also reduce the need for custom mobile apps; scan the QR code and it takes the consumer right to your website!

Fitness equipment QR Codes's Sample Custom QR Codes

Here is a great example of how custom QR Codes can impacted a business. This is an excerpt from Sales Growth from Thomas Baumgartner.

In 2009, Tesco’s South Korean subsidiary Home plus put up a billboard in a Korean subway station that replicated the aisle of one of its supermarkets. Commuters could scan the QR codes of items on the poster using their phones and have their groceries shipped to their homes (Figure 5.3). “Let the store come to the people,” the ad read, proposing to turn “waiting time into shopping time.” The results were that in 2011, Home plus had pictures and QR codes of 35,000 merchandise items in three subway station virtual stores in Seoul and Busan, and 760,000 buyers downloaded Home plus’ mobile app. The company’s online user base jumped by 76 percent, and online sales increased by 130 percent from 2009 to 2011, making the company a leader in the country’s online grocery market.

Let help you increase your business with branding custom QR codes. is and informational website and internet technology business for the Health and Wellness Industry. With over 50 years of combined experience in the Health and Wellness Industry, does not need to be taught the industry to help its clients. We only service the Health and Wellness Industry!

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