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September 28, 2012 Nashville, TN.  In’s continual effort to educate everyone on Fitness and Wellness products and services, they have created Custom Instructional QR Codes for fitness equipment.  It is quick and simple; just scan the QR code and a detailed instructional video will help the user operate the fitness product.

Tim Sebold, VP of Sales & Marketing for, said, “We are really excited about our most recent product.  We believe with this product, we can get more people exercising.  Think of all the unstaffed fitness facilities. The explosion of 24 HR fitness clubs, corporate fitness centers, condos, and hotels.  We believe we can assist all owners and operators of these unstaffed facilities to provide a safe and informative facility through our instructional videos.” Tim further added that he hopes the instructional videos will increase membership for local gyms and usage of condos and corporate gyms.  “People generally have a tough time asking for help and working out of their comfort zone. Now add working out for the first time!  It all becomes very intimidating.  But now with Custom Instructional QR Code, a person who has never worked out and has been cleared by his or her physician, can go to an unstaffed condo gym, scan the QR code and safely operate that treadmill that seemed so intimidating before.  There is no awkwardness or guess work.  It just makes for a happy and safe exerciser.”’s first installation of the Custom Instructional QR Codes was at WOC Fitness in Ocean City, MD.  WOC Fitness is a 24 HR fitness facility utilizing several different brands of fitness equipment.   When asked why it was important for WOC Fitness to have this technology, Bonnie Zemo, President of WOC Fitness said, “Since we are open 24 HRs, we aren’t always here to answer questions or show people how to use the equipment.  With this technology, our members will be able to properly and safely use our equipment.”  With technology people are always concerned with cost.  But according to Bonnie, “It’s a “no brainer. We paid a small set up charge for our logo and $9.95 a label.  It is much less than paying a trainer to demonstrate each piece of equipment.” is a fitness and wellness information company.  soOlis is dedicated to educating everyone interested in fitness and wellness products and services. – where quality of life begins!

For more information on custom QR codes for your facility, please contact Tim Sebold @ tsebold@soolis.comor call 877-789-8773 ext 705.

Commercial Gym Equipment Custom Instructional QR Code

Custom Instructional QR Code