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If the Largest Percentage of Local Gym and Health Club Members are over 40 yr of age, Why is Cross Fit like Training so Popular?

I would really like some insight into this question.   According to Franchise Help, there are 41 million America people who are members of local gyms and health clubs; and the majority of them are over 40 yrs of age.  If this true, coupled with the weight loss metabolic facts supported by New Leaf Metabolic Testing, why is Cross Fit and Cross Fit like training so popular?  I completely understand if you are an elite athlete or training for a specific event.  But most  40 yr old people who needs to drop 25 lbs should not do this type of training.  The studies show the obesity rate will climb 42% by 2030, the majority of people need to be focusing on general fitness not working out until they get sick.  The Fitness Industry is intimidating enough for most people, if you are a club manager or owner, you need to promote more of the general success stories on Facebook and the other social media areas.  If your not, your missing out on the largest percentage of prospects who will never do Cross Fit or that type of training.   Here is a great video explaining the metabolic testing and the concept of heart rate training.  Just click on Metabolic Training.

Metabolic Training