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How to effectively maintain your health and fitness new year’s resolutions through a few suggestions


Another year, another set of resolutions that we all say we’re going to complete, but how many actually do? “New year, new me”, but really we’re creatures of habit and breaking those habits are not as easy as we all would like it to be. One of the most prominent resolutions among most people is to not just get healthy, but to get fit. It’s the prime time to get in shape and look good for bathing suit season. Yet, about seventy-five percent of people maintain their resolution for the first week and as the as the year progresses, that percentage continues to drop. So the question is: How can you maintain your resolution to stay fit and healthy?

First off, one needs the proper attire and necessities. Personally, when you look the part it provides a sense of confidence that you know what you’re doing. Also, now there are many wearables

such as FitBit to keep track of your activity and progress. These wearables can track your heart rate, calories burned, your steps, and your sleep patterns. Unfortunately, some may purchase their so called “motivators” to just let them be a fad that go to waste. They’re hyped up originally, but just like those resolutions, they get old. Look good to feel good. Which brings us to why this is such a prominent resolution. Yes, we get it, you want to lose said number of pounds to look better, but many forget about the overall reason. Working out is not just about pounds, but to create a healthier lifestyle for the individual. Exercise is not the only aspect about being healthy and it does take dedication. The amount of sleep, what you consume, and the amount of activity are all contributing factors and don’t work alone. Anyways…

Most jump start into their fitness regime without a realistic goal. Nothing happens overnight and you have to be willing to put in the work and build up to your to goal. If you have not worked on cardio for a while, do not kick yourself when you struggle to run a quick mile. Some quit before they really get started because they don’t see fast results. Again, it’s all about the effort you’re willing to put in. When you start off, make a plan and schedule to stick to. It’s easier to follow a set schedule than just get on any machine that looks interesting. Lastly, resolutions lose their appeal over time and that easily could be because they are no longer exciting, new, and you miss the taste of chicken nuggets. With that, don’t be afraid to change it up. Find some different activities to keep you going and look into new recipes and diets that don’t taste like straight grass. Mostly, just find what works for you, gyms and everything that comes with it!

Overall, do not over do it and think about the positives instead of thinking you’d rather be in your bed watching Netflix. It’s a new year, and it may not be a “new” you, but it can be a better you. Happy New Years!