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Bally’s, Midtown Athletic Clubs, Direct Fitness Solutions & More Utilize’s Custom QR Codes

February 22, 2013 Nashville, TN Ever since, the everything fitness website, launched its custom QR codes, health clubs, corporate center, fitness distributors, and hotels have been ordering them as quickly has soOlis can make them. How can a QR code impact the fitness industry and why would prominent business invest in them?

soOlis' QR Codes

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The answer is simple, COST!  soOlis’ QR Codes are only $10 dollars a machine.  How much does a law suit cost?  How much does additional staff cost?  How much money are facilities loosing when members quit?  What you’re your equipment repair costs? soOlis’ QR Codes help address all these issues.

1                     Liability – According to a fitness industry insurance company “with the initiation/addition of these QR codes it is just one more brilliant step towards risk management. I feel that this is something all facilities should have available to further enhance the knowledge base of specific equipment to not only members and guests, but staff as well.”

2                     Staffing Costs – Most corporate centers, 24 Hour Gyms, and hotels don’t have the money to staff their fitness centers, Through the QR Codes, the members, employees and guests can view an instructional video on how to set up and use the fitness equipment properly.

3                     Members Quitting – How many members join gyms and because they worked out years ago, they don’t think they need an orientation on the new equipment!  They quickly find out equipment has changed and they don’t want to look stupid asking someone so they leave.  With soOlis’ QR Codes the new members scan the QR Code, watch a 1-2 minute video, and they are on their way to a safe and comfortable workout without having to ask for help.

4                     Equipment Repair – The fact is residence, guests, and members break equipment!  Most of the time they break the equipment using it improperly.  The soOlis’ QR Codes will again show them the proper way to use the equipment.

According to Chris Gallagher, Direct Fitness Equipment, “I sell a tremendous amount of equipment into hotels, condos and gyms, the clients are always asking about orientations and how many times I can come back to show the residence and members how to use the equipment.  The QR Codes basically do the orientation for me.  I make sure they are on every piece of equipment I sell!”  Tim Littrell, Fitness Concepts followed by saying,” I know from my experience, many of my clients like the concept of the QR Codes because they don’t have any staff for the fitness centers.”

For more information on how soOlis’ custom QR Codes can help your business, contact Tim Sebold at or call 877-789-8773 ext. 705. is and informational website and internet technology business for the Health and Wellness Industry.  With over 50 years of combined experience in the Health and Wellness Industry, does not need to be taught the industry to help its clients.  We only service the Health and Wellness Industry!