Posted on by’s Fitness Equipment Management Portal a Tremendous Asset for Fitness Equipment Dealers

May 19, 2012 Nashville, TN,, the most comprehensive fitness equipment and wellness resource website, has exploded with popularity and not for the reasons people think.  About six months ago, did a soft launch of their Fitness Equipment Management Portal (FEMP); now they are integrated into several fitness equipment dealers’ website across the country.   Why worry about updating fitness equipment images, specifications and videos, when soOlis will manage it for you.

Why is soOlis’ FEMP the most important marketing tool for the Fitness Equipment Dealers?  First, how many dealers have the time to keep their website up to date.  The fitness manufactures are and rightfully so updating products, images, features, and now provide outstanding videos on their equipment.  Most dealers are busy selling, managing service and installations, they just don’t have time to check and see what is new and then update their website.  As a client of, they would never have to update any products.  They would use their website product section as an online brochure for marketing and research for their clients.  In addition, when dealers change product line, soOlis handles the complete integration in minutes with no additional cost!  Second, is simply COST!  How much is your time worth and no one can hire someone for what charges?  Here is what Tim Littrell from Fitness Concepts says about “If you are not using soOlis as a way to manage your product offerings on your website you are wasting your money.  As a specialty retail store selling both high-end residential and commercial fitness products, soOlis has made it so much easier for me to list my offerings online  in a consistent format with uncompromised detail at a fraction of what it would have cost my if I kept the project in house.  Video, pricing, product description, pictures…it’s all there and it’s current.  Customers can even compare up to three products features side by side.  I don’t know of any specialty fitness website that allows you this option.  I have been looking for a way that allows me to present my items in an easy, searchable format and soOlis is the only company out there that can do it.  soOlis has eliminated a huge headache for me.  I don’t see our company using anyone else.  Ever.

According to Tim Sebold, VP of Marketing & Sales, “We are extremely pleased with the feedback from our clients.  In the short time we have offered this service, we have clients from Florida to California. is a fitness and wellness information website. does not sell any fitness equipment.  soOlis only educates the end users on fitness equipment, helps them find local gyms and ymcas, and finally allows them to browse Web MD articles and videos. – the Fitness and Wellness Authority.

For more information on the Fitness Equipment Management Portal  or if there is a product that you cannot find on soOlis, please contact Tim Sebold @ or call 877-789-8773 ext 705.