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The Club Industry Show is one of the biggest trade show in the fitness and wellness community. As a fitness equipment manufacturer, you’d likely be attending the event and taking the opportunity to connect with health club owners and managers.

One effective way to generate more interest and boost your visibility is to set up a booth at trade shows. What can you do before, during, and after the event to make sure you’re getting the most out of your time and efforts?

1. Set Goals and Plan in Advance

What business objective do you want to achieve by attending this trade show?

Make sure your marketing materials, messaging, and targeting is in alignment with your overall business objectives so you can attract the right visitors to your booth.

Knowing what your goals are can also help you map out pre- and post-show promotional activities so you can drive more traffic to your booth and follow up with the leads strategically.

2. Complement Your Marketing and Product Launch Calendar

Do you have any new product launch coming up?

Trade shows are perfect venues to drum up attention and excitement around your new product launches. Take a look at your marketing calendar and see what new products you can promote to attract visitors to your booth.

If you don’t yet have a new product to show but got something in the works, you can offer a “sneak peek” to pique interest and entice visitors to get on an early notification list so you can nurture the leads and continue the conversation.

3. Create a Post-Event Follow Up Strategy

What are you going to do with all the business cards and emails collected from your booth visitors during the event? Well, the work has just begun!

A well-designed follow-up strategy consisting of email, social media, and remarketing can help you make the most out of the event by building relationships with the prospects you have met. For example, add them to a new segment on your email list so you can send them a personalized message, a piece of high-value content, and a lead nurturing campaign.

You can keep the buzz going by sharing valuable content and offers through your email, blog, and social media channels (e.g., by setting up a custom audience or through remarketing campaigns.)

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Almost everyone has a smartphone and is on social media, making it a great way for any business to get in front of and connect with prospects.

However, for many gym owners and managers, using social media to market their businesses is challenging. It’s understandable… there are many different strategies and it’s overwhelming just to parse through them to identify the right ones, let alone finding the time to implement the tactics effectively.

Not to mention, without the right guidance, you could be spending an arm an a leg without getting the ROI “as advertised.”

But you shouldn’t overlook the power of social media marketing for your gym. Here are some benefits you can reap from investing just a small budget in executing a strategy that suits your business:

Boost Your Local SEO

Getting ranked in relevant local search results is one of the best ways for gyms to get found by prospects with high purchase intent.

Consistently sharing relevant content on social media can build backlinks and drive traffic to your website, both of which are positive ranking signals to help improve your SEO.

Leverage Word-Of-Mouth Marketing

Consumers rely on online reviews as much as they trust recommendations from friends and family.

Social media platforms offer great opportunities to share customer reviews and recommendations. For example, you can ask your happy clients to post reviews on your Facebook business page.

Drive Traffic With Contests and Promotions

Promotions and contest (or giveaways) offer great opportunities to attract new prospects and build brand awareness.

Using the right hashtags or creating a Facebook Event, you can get your offers and promotions seen by the right audience and drive more traffic to your business.

Build Trust and Relationships

Social media allows you to engage with your audience and have a two-way conversation that builds trust and relationships, making them more likely to become your clients.

For example, you can ask questions to spark a conversation or answer queries to provide values. You can also nurture a personal connection by sharing photos and videos.

Ready to tap into the power of social media for your health club? Learn more to see how we can help.

Running a gym is rarely a walk in the park. With new gyms popping up everyday and specialty studios entering the scene, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to capture consumers’ attention.

As a gym owner or manager, one of the biggest challenges is to make sure you’re using the right marketing strategies to acquire and retain members.

Remarketing has become a very effective marketing strategy for local businesses and here are a few reasons why this strategy is great for gyms:

what is remarketing

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Multiply the Power of Local SEO

Most consumers search online when they’re looking for local services. Optimizing for local SEO is the key to getting found but that’s only half the story… what happens after visitors come to your website?

Most people aren’t ready to make a purchasing decision right away and remarketing ads allow you to keep showing up in front of these visitors, who have shown interest in joining a gym, to progress them down your sales funnel.

Engage With Your Email Subscribers

Email remarketing is a tactic that targets subscribers who click on your emails so you can create ad campaigns based on the specific content or offers they have engaged with.

These prospects are already interested in your services and remarketing ads give you the opportunity to accelerate them down the sales funnel by staying top of mind, nurturing the relationships, and directing them back to your website to complete an action.

Establish a Multi-Channel Presence

Remarketing strategies allow you to connect with those who have visited your website on other online touchpoints, such as Facebook, YouTube (as part of the Google platform,) and websites in the Google Display Network.

These ads help you deliver the most relevant content and offers based on the prospects’ prior interactions with your brand and drive traffic back to your site so you can further engage with them.

Improve Client Retention

A membership business model means you have to be constantly “marketing” to your clients so they stay on as members.

Remarketing allows you to continue engaging your members by sharing the latest news, relevant content, and upgrades or special offers based on their interactions with your website.

By consistently communicating with your members and providing value, you can stay top of mind and improve your customer retention rate.

Ready to use remarketing to get more clients? We’re here to help. Get in touch to get started.

So, what is retargeting?

Over the last five years, retargeting marketing has grown in popularity and in marketing departments everywhere. For the newbies, retargeting is an online strategy that keeps your brand in front of users who have bounced off your site for any number of reasons.

Marketing experts say “retargeting” is perfect for on-the-fence users who currently are casually interested in your product. A new vlog or a white paper on their favorite topic can motivate an undecided customer into a conversion or even a recurring sale.

Track Users Who Bounce 

Here’s where you call the web dev department: By placing a tracking pixel on your website, you can follow your users leave (and where) and you can then place an ad on another website.

This pixel – or piece of code – piece of code on your website is unnoticeable and won’t affect the site’s performance. It ensures your ads are served to interested people who have previously visited your site.

It’s like you are virtually persuading that user to come back. This is most commonly done through search retargeting, in which ads are served up based on recent searches;  and email retargeting, where scripted emails are triggered based on specific user behaviors.

From Marketo, some stats to consider:

Retargeted customers are three times more likely to click on your ad

70% more likely to convert to a sale

As a result, 50% of marketers plan to increase their retargeting efforts using ads both on social media and on websites too.

Remember: Marketing experts say “retargeting” is the ultimate strategy for for on-the-fence users who currently are somewhat interested in your product. A new motivating vlog or a white paper on their favorite topic can push that user into a conversion or a sale.

Contact so we can apply several new marketing strategies to your fitness and wellness business.

SEO brings together your winning web content, social media smarts and digital strategies to elevate the brand and customize your voice.

soOlis takes great care to explain the importance of page optimization for any business, and not just for large health club chains or fitness distributors. According to thought leaders at Search Engine Land, SEO alone cannot help you reach the highest marketing potential.

Social media, branding and other marketing strategies support and complement SEO and reinforce your marketing plan to grow stronger and align with your business goals.


Digital Assistants Search For You

Digital assistants like Siri have stepped in to become relevant search engines in their own right. Google at present hasn’t released any official news about when or if it plans to roll out more Artificial Intelligence learning over typical search channels.

That could change in a moment though. Reported in last year, smart speaker sales, like those for Amazon Echo and Google Home, also surged in 2017, and sales will probably grow even more as newer models roll out.

Because smart speakers are voice activated and provide spoken search results, users are getting even more used to interacting with search engine results with their voice.

Over 50% of web searches in 2020 will be voice activated

SEO is the master when it comes to hooking active prospects, and helps boost conversion rates. Best practices in SEO content may improve and nourish your website, your credibility and even the connection with your social media community.

It also plays an important role in your product’s buying cycle, says soOlis VP Tim Sebold. “You attract potential buyers to your website through relevant keywords and organic phrases ranked high where searchers are already looking for that exact answer,” he said.

SEO is Part of Design, Production, Content

Taking SEO into consideration even while pre-planning your website structure, content management system (CMS), URL syntax, and Web design gives the best results for your business. Start early on and keep up with those trends, says Sebold.

With proper SEO analysis up front on any digital project, you can stay on the front page of search results for years without spending too much money in the future. Even after you stop the foundation SEO work, your website can still rank high on your chosen keywords for a long time to come.

SEO is a group effort and literally demands you know how to talk to your target audiences. Call soOlis to find out how we’d analyze and implement SEO into your fitness or wellness business.

Activate new customers and missed opportunities

Remarketing is the most recent business buzz word.

Intelligent, strategic re-marketing services can propel your business forward and create deep brand awareness. Generally, “remarketing” is any sales and advertising strategy that maintains contact with potential customers after they visit your business, e-commerce site or property.

Remarketing helps reach visitors who have navigated away from your store or site without converting – or finishing the sale.

While remarketing existed prior t the internet boom, it is the digital horizon thats jumpstarted its online use. It’s an effective way of reconnecting with people who have already shown some interest in your brand; and remarketing is an overt advertising tactic that is surprisingly underutilized in the vast digital marketplace.

While remarketing existed prior to the internet boom, it is the far-reaching digital horizon that has  jumpstarted its online use. By remarketing, you come to intimately know your target (segmented) audiences. You fet to go back and recapture the customers (and the conversions) that slipped by the first time.

Re-Marketing Improves Conversion Rates

According to marketing experts, there are so many different ways to stay in contact with customers, crooking a little finger, touching base and helping with all of their problems.

Valuable remarketing content includes:

Email series
Special deals or coupons
Social network posts
Browser advertisements

Retargeting Case Studies in the News

As a health and fitness marketing agency, soOlis analyzes and executes different ad messaging for specific audience lists we have created. We test ad copy and call to action button copy to see which combinations produce the highest click-through rate. Ask about soOlis’ unique fitness marketing services, including Artificial Intelligence solutions.

Instead of spending big bucks on traditional hit-or-miss advertising, let us help launch your custom website that will increase your sales, user traffic and business messaging.

Beginning with your website – and fanning out from there to social media, ads and email campaigns – it’s vital to position yourself online with a strong, professional destination that gives customers the impression you mean business and the motivation to want to engage more with your business.

10 More Reasons to Blow Out Your Website

When we can co-produce and launch highly relevant, interesting content, then every single blog or email blast or Facebook posted on your site (and linked properly) is another huge opportunity to show up in search engines and drive traffic to your website in organic searches.

Smile for the Camera

Website content, landing page messaging and optimized product descriptions help you connect on social media, and beyond.  Consider:

– What kind of content attracts your specific audience?

– Who reads your site for accuracy and authentic voice?

– Are you adding video and photos to every message?

– Do you use each social platform properly? (Event posts optimize on Twitter, for example.)

– High-quality consistent content that resonates with your audiences strengthens your social reach and drives new business.

Conversion Rates

Not every reader of your blog – or fan of your website – will become a definite sales lead. But that OK – you should be making fast friends and other fans with whom you share interests – and post about your products.

– What is your email campaign marketing strategy?

– Do you know when and why to create email blasts on schedule?

Tips for Successful Email Marketing Campaigns

Build Credibility Every Day
If potential sales prospects find answers to their most common questions via blog posts, neatly written by people at your company they are much more likely to come into your sales funnels trusting what you have to say because you’ve helped them prior to purchase. Becoming a thought leader on the topics your customers come to you for takes consistency and strategy.

Hubspot’s Report on Website Advantages

There are literally one dozen more reasons why your company should establish a digital personality with the ability to convert sales leads, and build prosperity and credibility all year long. soOlis can show you how, every step of the way, and free you up to do the heavy lifting in your company.

We love a good challenge and always work quickly and within budget. Let us show you how underutilized your website is right now!

We think of your brand and your business as a thriving and dynamic entity with a mind, soul, and quirky personality. There may be thousands of gyms, training studios and exercise equipment companies in your town. So, what exactly sets your business – and your messaging – apart.

Unsure of what makes you competitive in a crowded marketplace? Consider your approach to marketing solutions and business strategies beyond basic ads and membership deals:

  • Do you have a social media calendar to organize events, blogs, and success stories?
  • Are you efficiently driving traffic from Facebook to an online store or E-commerce website?
  • What makes an ad campaign successful for you?

Not quite sure? That’s where soOlis jumps in: We understand obstacles to successful fitness marketing, and we regularly measure personalized success rates and key performance indicators, or KPIs.

We Know Your Audience

We’re so passionate about our clients’ products and offerings at soOlis, our industry expertise allows us to pinpoint your most appropriate audiences with custom content and daily data analytics that steers your marketing strategy – at scale.

Establish Business Credibility

Today’s educated health and fitness consumers want the latest and most trusted fitness and health information, which they use to make decisions about their own wellness. Having an experienced content team and highly relevant messaging works very effectively.

Use Social Media Correctly 

Facebook and Instagram are still the stars of the moment. At soOlis, we know that social media is an effective marketing vehicle to promote, communicate and gain awareness for your health and fitness company.

Your Facebook account is not your brand though – your website and identity within the competitive marketplace also contribute to your total brand. Ask about our content strategies and how to create – or enhance – your unique brand.

Explore Artificial Intelligence 

Slash your response time to problems or online question to enhance the social media experience. It is only natural for disgruntled customers or very motivated clients to share their issues – or joys or feedback – on social media platforms. As a result, Chatbots help you more rapidly respond to dissatisfied customers to neutralize messaging.
Call soOlis today and we’ll help you get there.

Create a Basic Home Gym and Build Up

By far, the biggest advantage of creating your own personalized home gym is the massive and significant convenience factor. Your favorite machines and strength tools are right in your basement gym, or office space.

You don’t have to drive in weather conditions to your new gym. Additionally, there will never be a long wait for your favorite treadmill or elliptical machine, unless other family members are hogging your super-slick new home gym!

The perfect home gym should have all your favorite fitness gadgets and tools because you can create one using affordable exercise equipment or even gently used home exercise machines. After deciding on the major decisions – such as a bike or a treadmill as your mainstay machine, for instance, try exploring of the different weight accessories, mats and kettle bells to round out your perfect home gym.

Questions to consider before making a purchase:

What are my goals for the workout?

How much weight lifting experience do I have?

How much available room in my home/office/garage do I have?

What is my budget?

What exercises am I going to focus on more?

These are all huge, motivating  factors that come into play when you are deciding which home exercise equipment would be best for you, and anyone else in your active home.

Cardio Cross Training 

Treadmills are the most popular fitness machines in North America, and year after year but elliptical machines are right behind, and they are safer and easier on the joints of your lower body.

— Treadmill features we love: Incline settings that range from 3% to 15% uphill, a more compact footprint for tight spaces, and multiple settings beyond manual. 

— Elliptical machines, on the other hand, offer a safe, low-impact workout and the calorie-torching gliding motions allow you to work up quit a sweat without the constant pounding or jarring on your joints from running outside. Also, ellipticals lend themselves to multitasking, in case you are the type to watch the nightly news or even “Survivor” reruns while you break your seat.

— Rowing machines can help improve your fitness level in a variety of ways; they can build and tone muscles, strengthen cardiovascular function, and improve endurance. It’s a great way to burn calories. You may also try jump ropes, kickboxing or flow Pilates DVDs, and a heavy bag as other cross-training options.

Multi-Use Strength Station

Total-body gyms with adjustable rings, pulleys and bars are often suitable for the entire family and can work with all different fitness levels from beginners all the way to athletic training performance. Strength stations often fold up to provide you with easy and convenient storage We like the ones that come with leg pull accessories, squat stand, exercise feedback and a sturdy training deck.

Other resistance fitness equipment to customize a home gym:

Core training tools such as an Ab Wheel or an ab bench

Dumbbells, kettle bells and/or resistance bands and tubing

Stretching mats, yoga blocks and a pull-up bar

Sturdy Suspension Trainer or Cable Machine

One of the which is the most versatile, durable and cost-effective suspension trainers for home is the TRX Suspension Trainer that includes the actual lightweight trainer, a door anchor, a suspension anchor extender, a mesh carry bag, and a full-color 35 page workout guide to get started. The TRX sets up in seconds and offers a head-to-toe strength workout that will never bore you.

When you start choosing exercise equipment for your home, always keep in mind your overarching fitness goals, like weight loss or muscle building, or a balance of gym equipment for various types of high-tech workouts. Whether whether you’re looking to jumpstart your cardio endurance or come out of the winter season with a set of washboard abs, there’s something in every home gym that can help you on your way.

Try soOlis’ side-by-side equipment comparisons.