Welcome to Pool Season and Liability Insurance

Happy July 4th – is your pool safe? 

Residential property managers as well as fitness managers and university personnel are gearing up for pool season – because the risk of liability soars at the community (or university) aquatic center.

And according to the Insurance Information Institute III, any pool is what’s known as an “attractive nuisance,” meaning that it’s likely to draw people to your property, and at the same time can potentially create a dangerous safety and liability situation.

You can be held liable for any accident or injury that happens in or near your pool, even if the person injured used your pool without consent, and your homeowner insurance would likely cover that liability, according to our insurance experts.

Swimming Pool Safety from the American Red Cross 

For homeowners: Homeowners insurance may help pay to repair a pool if it’s damaged by one of the risks covered by your policy.

Covered risks:  This will likely include fire and falling objects in the pool area as well. Before you install a pool on your property, be sure to check your city laws to find out what is required of pool owners.

Most cities have requirements regarding fencing, pool covers, signage, diving boards, supervision, and other safety concerns.

Liability Insurance for a School Pool

Property management companies must consider potential emergency situations – especially in the aquatics center or residential pool area – and ensure that all departments are pro-active and fanatical about exercise equipment and fire safety at all times.

An insurance contract helps to “guarantee” the financial ability to deliver a competent defense at such a trial. A current certificate of insurance (“COI”) provides a written description of any contractor’s insurance (or sub-contractor) and should list the property as an additional insured.

An insurance certificate will not give the holder any rights beyond the contractor’s negligence, but you’ll be defended in the event of loss caused by contractors you hire.

Bacteria and Swimming Pool Water  

A massive 15-year study conducted by the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC) found that 493 disease outbreaks in that time were linked directly to treated recreational water. Of these 493 outbreaks, a whopping total of 27,219 known illnesses and eight deaths occurred due to these bacterial outbreaks.

Based on CDC findings, liability problems are still growing and require a more pro-active management approach. What more can you do to ensure the safety and wellness of your guests, students or residential tenants? After all, water safety should be everyone’s number one pool priority.

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