The Convenience of a New Home Gym

Create a Basic Home Gym and Build Up By far, the biggest advantage of creating your own personalized home gym is the massive and significant convenience factor. Your favorite machines and strength tools are right in your basement gym, or office space. You don’t … Continue reading

Couples That Exercise Together, Stay Together

Try the gift of health and fitness just in time for a healthier Valentine’s Day. Celebrate by sharing a personal training package or lifting weights together at home. Fit couples that share active interests and healthy diet habits have a … Continue reading

Fitness Equipment Depot Worldwide Needs Used Fitness Equipment

Cardio 8 – Cybex 630 Arc 1 – LifeFitness 95Xe Elliptical 6 – Precor 546 v3 Elliptical (Cordless) 3 – Precor 556 v1 Elliptical 2 – Precor 556 v3 6 – StairMaster 7000PT Blue 3 – LifeFitness 95Si Stepper 5 … Continue reading

Wish List for Used Fitness Equipment from our friends at Fitness Equipment Depot Worldwide

Updated Wish List for used fitness equipment from our friends at Fitness Equipment Depot Worldwide: Cardio 10 – Cybex 630 Arc 3 – LifeFitness 95Xe Elliptical 3 – StairMaster 7000PT Blue 1 – StairMaster 4000PT 4 – LifeFitness 95Si Stepper … Continue reading

Fitness Equipment Depot's Used Fitness Equipment Wish List

Fitness Equipment Depot is looking for the following used equipment Cardio 10 – Cybex 630 Arc 3 – LifeFitness 95Xe Elliptical 1 – LifeFitness 9500NG Elliptical 3 – StairMaster 7000PT Blue 2 – LifeFitness 95Si Stepper 6 – Lemond Revmaster … Continue reading

Fitness Equipment Depot World Wide is looking for equipment!

This is going to be a weekly post.  Anyone who is looking to get ride of the follow used fitness equipment please contact Cardio 12 – Cybex 630 Arc 4 – LifeFitness 95Xi Elliptical 3 – LifeFitness 95Xe Elliptical … Continue reading launches website development division

August 16, 2010 Nashville, TN, launches website development division to meet the demands of their clients. In March 2010, introduced itself to the world through its facility locator and commercial and home equipment locators.   Not more those two … Continue reading

TriFit LLC,, completes Used Fitness Equipment Classified section!

Nashville, TN, April 27, 2010, – Just a month after was launched, TriFit LLC, a Nashville based company, completed a key part of their fitness equipment strategy, the used fitness equipment. already provides a comprehensive list, specifications, and … Continue reading