If Cardio is the Hot Product, Why are some Many Fitness Manufactures Redesigning their Strength Equipment?

Off the top of my head I know of four different fitness equipment manufactures that have redesigned or are in the process of redesigning their strength lines.  Paramount Fitness is in the process of redesigning their Olympic Benches and Free … Continue reading

Fitness Equipment Depot is Looking for the Following Fitness Equipment

Cardio • 1 – Cybex 750a Arc • 2 – Cybex 610 Arc • 1 – Cybex 700C Upright Bike Strength • 1 – Cybex Seated Calf Raise • 1 – Cybex/Icarian PL Hack Squat • 1 – Hammer Iso … Continue reading

Compare Commercial Fitness Equipment, Treadmills, Exercise Bikes & More with soOlis’s New Feature

October 5, 2011 Nashville, TN, soOlis.com, the most comprehensive fitness and wellness resource website, launched its commercial fitness equipment comparison feature.   This feature instantly makes soOlis.com the best resource for commercial fitness equipment. Just imagine the time and effort it … Continue reading