Fitness Tips On Choosing The Right Exercise Equipment like Cross Trainers, Dumbbells and Bosus only at

You may think purchasing home exercise equipment should be as straightforward as it sounds right? What could be so complicated about browsing through a catalogue and picking out a machine that promises to help you burn fat on your lower … Continue reading

Fitness Equipment Depot is Looking for the Following Fitness Equipment

Cardio • 1 – Cybex 750a Arc • 2 – Cybex 610 Arc • 1 – Cybex 700C Upright Bike Strength • 1 – Cybex Seated Calf Raise • 1 – Cybex/Icarian PL Hack Squat • 1 – Hammer Iso … Continue reading

Fitness Equipment Depot World Wide is looking for equipment!

This is going to be a weekly post.  Anyone who is looking to get ride of the follow used fitness equipment please contact Cardio 12 – Cybex 630 Arc 4 – LifeFitness 95Xi Elliptical 3 – LifeFitness 95Xe Elliptical … Continue reading