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If Cardio is the Hot Product, Why are some Many Fitness Manufactures Redesigning their Strength Equipment?

Off the top of my head I know of four different fitness equipment manufactures that have redesigned or are in the process of redesigning their strength lines.  Paramount Fitness is in the process of redesigning their Olympic Benches and Free Weights. BH Fitness has their Dual Strength Line and Single Station Pieces. FreeMotion has modernized their Epic Single Station Strength Line, and Just last week Precor has completed a soft introduction to their New Discovery Single Station Strength Line.If you haven’t seen the new products here are some links to the specific product lines:

Precor Discovery Line:

DS Abdominal

DS Back Extension

DS Bicep Curl

DS Chest Press

DS Inner Thigh

DS Lat Pulldown

DS Lateral Raise

DS Leg Extension

DS Leg Press

DS Outer Thigh

DS Prone Leg Curl

DS Rear Deltoid Pec Fly

DS Rotary Torso

DS Seated Dip

DS Seated Leg Curl

DS Seated Row

DS Shoulder Press

DS Tricep Extension

BH Fitness:

BH Duals


FreeMotion New Epic Strength Line

To see a true comparison between the different fitness manufactures strength line go to of click the link to see an example of a the product comparisons.