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Riverside Health Fitness Center joins the family.

June 29, 2010, Riverside Health Fitness Center has partnered with for their internet marketing strategy. will be promoting their facitlity in the Bourbonnais, IL area. Riverside Health Fitness Center is a 70,000 square foot medically based fitness center … Continue reading

Rock Creek Sports Club partners with for online marketing strategy!

Rock Creek Sports Club is our latest addition to our growing facility locator sponsors.  At the end of last year, Rock Creek Sports Club completed a renovation which included new flooring, treadmill, exercise bikes, and TVs.  This summer, they are … Continue reading

World Gym Express of St Augustine, FL partners with for internet marketing!

June 17, 2010, World Gym Express St Augustine, FL., has chosen to help with theirgym’s internet marketing stratagy.  The consensus of World Gym owners is is an inexpensive exclusive marketing medium.   One owner said, “If a get … Continue reading

What are the keys to Speed, Reaction, Coordination and Agility?

The answer, in a nutshell is training the nerves involved…they’re called proprioceptors, and they tell the muscles what, when, how fast and how far to move the bones.  Athletically, it doesn’t matter how big muscles are if their proprioceptors aren’t … Continue reading