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Commercial General Liability coverage protects the insured against liability claims for bodily injury and property damage arising out of the premises, operations, products and completed operations, and personal and advertising injury.

Gyms, fitness centers, outdoor recreation centers, and health clubs all focus on keeping people strong and healthy. If you run a workout facility, you know that sometimes things can go wrong. Someone gets injured while using the equipment, or pulls a hamstring while working with a trainer. Or a child gets hurt in the childcare facility.

Avoid Claims and Lawsuits From Day One

Incidents can leave you wide open to liability claims and lawsuits, but a gym insurance policy can protect you and your facility.

Additional insurance coverage to consider:

  • Participant liability and accidental medical coverage: Covers you if boxers or martial arts participants are injured in sponsored tournaments or supervised competitions
    • Accidental medical insurance provides medical care for the injured participant. The policy may also cover travel to and from competitions or events.
  • Supplemental liability insurance: You need additional supplemental liability coverage if your gym, fitness center, or health club offers services like tanning beds or rock climbing walls.Here are some special liability exposures to protect against:
  • Swimming pools
  • Hot tubs and saunas
  • Rock climbing walls
  • Day spa services
  • Tanning services
  • Massages
  • Skin care services
  • Umbrella liability: This type of policy provides excess liability coverage in the event of a catastrophic event that results in a large liability lawsuit. It kicks in when your other liability policies are exhausted. Business umbrella policies, sold in increments of $1 million of additional coverage, can provide excellent protection against large legal claims at an affordable rate.

Regardless of the type of fitness club or unique home gym equipment you have, liability insurance can save millions in Litigations and payouts. You require coverage that specifically matches your unique risks. An independent agent who specializes in business insurance can help to assess your risks and get the right coverage plan in place.

Happy Father’s Day!

If you need a big jolt of fitness motivation, read our roundup of the best at-home workout options on the market. soOlis specializes in creating side-by-side comparisons of the best exercise machines and helping you formulate the best strategy for your new home gym.

We also offer the most reliable, well-crafted home gym equipment for our partner distributors. Read these exercise equipment reviews before you purchase your home-gym centerpiece! Then build up and around from there.

Save time and money with your new home gym equipment. And no more dad jeans!

The Best Home Gym Reviews

Top Home Equipment on a Budget

Being a Home Body Really Works!

Best Compact Home Strength Station

Best Home Gyms Report

Remember, by far the best two reasons to create dad’s best home gym and creative fitness space is that it really saves you time and money. And no there is no excuse for him to skip the regular workouts.

Celebrate Father’s Day With Top Workouts and New Fitness Equipment!

Breakthrough research on Today’s Renters and research released  by Freddie Mac Multifamily finds growing segments of the population — Baby Boomers and Generation Xers in particular — showing much less interest in owning a home.

The survey finds half (50 percent) of Baby Boomers currently renting do not anticipate buying a home in the future, up eight points from 2016.

The latest “Profile of Today’s Renter” reveals that affordability remains the dominant factor driving renter behavior.

Multi-Family Rental Research:

50% Baby Boomers currently renting do not anticipate buying a home in the future

Of that 50 percent, 35 percent have no interest in owning

15 percent say they cannot afford to own but have some interest

19% of Gen Xers (aged 38-52) study respondents lacked interest in home homeownership

Read the whole Renters Report from Freddie Mac.

Rental satisfaction continues to run high across the country. A significant and growing majority of renters – 66 percent – are satisfied with the overall rental experience.

“America’s renters overwhelmingly see renting as more affordable and the right choice for them – right now,” said VP David Brickman, Executive Vice President and Head of Freddie Mac Multifamily Groups.

Renting becomes a much more attractive option when the top three apartment amenities are met:

  1. Parking
  2. Pool(s)
  3. Residential gym

To retain tenants, attract high quality consumers and connect communities, provide your tenants, clients and customers with well-branded well-designed fitness centers with the perfect wide array of amenities.

Keep Up With Demands for Wellness

The National Multifamily Housing Council and Kingsley Associates last year surveyed approximately 120,000 renters at 3,280 apartment communities nationwide to gauge their interest in specific communal amenities. While on-site parking is everyone’s first request, these wellness and safety offerings are common demands:

83% want a pool on property

82% request a well-equipped fitness center

80% demand safe security access

67% want community Wi-Fi

47% look for a business center

If locations are more or less the same between competing properties, wellness and fitness amenities have a big impact in competitive rent pricing as well as tenant satisfaction.

The National Apartment Association (NAA) is the leading voice for the rental housing industry and a trusted partner and advocate committed to serving 160 affiliates, 75,000 member companies and the 9.25 million rental housing units globally.

Create a Basic Home Gym and Build Up

By far, the biggest advantage of creating your own personalized home gym is the massive and significant convenience factor. Your favorite machines and strength tools are right in your basement gym, or office space. You don’t have to drive in all nasty weather conditions to your new home gym. Additionally, there will never be a long wait for your favorite treadmill or elliptical machine, unless other family members are hogging your super-slick new home gym!

The perfect home gym should have all your favorite fitness gadgets and tools because you can create one using affordable exercise equipment or even gently used home exercise machines. After deciding on the major decisions – such as a bike or a treadmill as your mainstay machine, for instance, try exploring of the different weight accessories, mats and kettle bells to round out your perfect home gym.

Questions to consider before making a purchase:

What are my goals for the workout?

How much weight lifting experience do I have?

How much available room in my home/office/garage do I have?

What is my budget?

What exercises am I going to focus on more?

These are all huge, motivating  factors that come into play when you are deciding which home exercise equipment would be best for you, and anyone else in your active home.

Cardio Cross Training 

Treadmills are the most popular fitness machines in North America, and year after year but elliptical machines are right behind, and they are safer and easier on the joints of your lower body.

— Treadmill features we love: Incline settings that range from 3% to 15% uphill, a more compact footprint for tight spaces, and multiple settings beyond manual. 

— Elliptical machines, on the other hand, offer a safe, low-impact workout and the calorie-torching gliding motions allow you to work up quit a sweat without the constant pounding or jarring on your joints from running outside. Also, ellipticals lend themselves to multitasking, in case you are the type to watch the nightly news or even “Survivor” reruns while you break your seat.

— Rowing machines can help improve your fitness level in a variety of ways; they can build and tone muscles, strengthen cardiovascular function, and improve endurance. It’s a great way to burn calories. You may also try jump ropes, kickboxing or flow Pilates DVDs, and a heavy bag as other cross-training options.

Multi-Use Strength Station

Total-body gyms with adjustable rings, pulleys and bars are often suitable for the entire family and can work with all different fitness levels from beginners all the way to athletic training performance. Strength stations often fold up to provide you with easy and convenient storage We like the ones that come with leg pull accessories, squat stand, exercise feedback and a sturdy training deck.

Other resistance fitness equipment to customize a home gym:

Core training tools such as an Ab Wheel or an ab bench

Dumbbells, kettle bells and/or resistance bands and tubing

Stretching mats, yoga blocks and a pull-up bar

Sturdy Suspension Trainer or Cable Machine

One of the which is the most versatile, durable and cost-effective suspension trainers for home is the TRX Suspension Trainer that includes the actual lightweight trainer, a door anchor, a suspension anchor extender, a mesh carry bag, and a full-color 35 page workout guide to get started. The TRX sets up in seconds and offers a head-to-toe strength workout that will never bore you.

When you start choosing exercise equipment for your home, always keep in mind your overarching fitness goals, like weight loss or muscle building, or a balance of gym equipment for various types of high-tech workouts. Whether whether you’re looking to jumpstart your cardio endurance or come out of the winter season with a set of washboard abs, there’s something in every home gym that can help you on your way.

Try soOlis’ side-by-side equipment comparisons.

The next major step in Artificial Intelligence is the emergence of the ChatBot who came into existence based on demands for efficient management skills. (And more than a little lifestyle curiosity.)

Advanced intelligence exhibited by machines has many applications especially when it comes to hardcore fitness and wellness. AI has also been used to develop and advance numerous fields and industries, including finance, healthcare and education.

Doubtlessly in the coming years, more classrooms and medical facilities will be utilizing AI technologies to complement yearly curriculum and to help medical diagnosis – that is already happening.

Another modern example? Artificial Intelligence is widely used as a digital tutor to train Navy recruits in technical skills in a shorter amount of time.

Watch our video on using AI in automated social media campaigns

Other Tasks Performed by Artificial Intelligence:

  • AI mines fitness-training records to provide useful feedback
  • AI assists in repetitive jobs including medication management or membership sales calls
  • AI means big business gains in medical analytics
  • AI screens candidates for fitness assessments or mental health
  • AI uses search engines with speech recognition tools
  • AI powers companion “nursing robots” to assist seniors or rehab patients

Mobile Chatbots? We’ve Been Waiting on You

If you don’t know Evie, you do not know Artificial Intelligence. Evie has been one of the most popular artificial personalities on YouTube for a decade, and Evie can speak English, French, German, Polish and Turkish.

Chatbots like Evie will soon enable employees to make simple HR interactions from their mobile phones. The technology promises to make working life easier, while reducing the workload on corporate HR departments.

And according to Computer Weekly, employers will also use AI mobile technology to give employees instant feedback on their performance, rather than relying on the now-discredited annual performance review.

Check into and find out how we are renegotiating AI and automated marketing services for our health and fitness clients.

Working With Well-Fit

The beautiful Bay Area’s new leader in health and wellness innovation, Well-Fit is inspired by the vibrant, forward-thinking regional community in Northern California – and the exceptional outdoor environment. The company specializes in creating unique and motivating exercise experiences where people live, work and play in a more natural, active community.

Specializing in Corporate Fitness

Our company boot camps, team building workshops and yoga classes energize employees. Our High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) programs kick it up a notch with a full-range of movement at a fast clip to accelerate goal achievement. Whether you’re improving strength, stamina, balance, flexibility, mobility, power or speed, you’ll see immediate, measurable results from these sessions.

Both Well-Fit and Opti-Fit offer an extensive portfolio of stimulating small-group group fitness and athletic training workouts that can be delivered onsite or offsite — anywhere the client wants to get people moving a includes a lecture and workshop series to help employees learn about and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Based on your custom fitness facility goals and programming needs, the fleet of Well-Fit experts and designers will present detailed conceptual renderings. These renderings will then be developed into full-scale, 2D or 3D layouts to provide you with a complete picture of your future commercial fitness center.

Entrepreneur and founder of Well-Fit, Warren Gendel brings experience and expertise to help clients build and operate successful exercise businesses and fitness facilities for corporate wellness, commercial health clubs and residential health clubs and fitness programming. He says, “We offer operations reviews, day-to-day personnel management and proprietary technology systems to deliver solid results and return on investment.”

Just as Opti-Fit has been doing for over 25 years, Well-Fit also collaborates with clients, architects and project managers to maximize facility infrastructure and ensure appropriate space for equipment, mix of exercise modalities and your desired fitness experience.

Read the whole article here and plan a visit to the Bay Area soon.

Booth 134, IHRSA trade show

San Diego, California

March 21-23, 2018

Sidestep seasonal colds and flu in all the indoor spaces at the trade show this year by washing your hands frequently and adopting several other healthy habits as you present or roam the trade floor.

There’s a whole lot of sniffling going on within the giant trade show walls this year! Take control of your health and trim your time spent feeling under the weather. The more frequently you wash your hands, the lower your risk of becoming sick.

Colds and flu are caused by viruses — not bacteria — so banking on antibacterial soap as a safeguard against colds and flu won’t be effective.

What works however, is constantly supplying your healthy body with what it needs most, including adequate sleep and a constant supply of nutrients to help ensure your body can resist pathogens it encounters.

5 Ways to Avoid a Cold at IHRSA

Sneeze into your elbow. Mom was so right when she warned you to “cover your mouth!” Cold and flu germs are primarily spread via droplets released in the air when someone who is ill coughs, sneezes or talks. Avoid touching surfaces that already have major germs on them, like elliptical machine handles at the gym, or shaking hands at the show without washing them in between meetings.

Add honey. Tea or any warming and hydrating beverage can help soothe a sore throat, suppress a cough, and calm the overall commotion of a cold or flu. Honey coats the throat and relieves irritation while its antioxidant and antimicrobial properties go to work fighting viral infections.

Eat more garlic. But not on the trade show floor! Cushing or cutting garlic cloves generates a sulfur compound known as allicin, which has antiviral, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties and is oft-credited as the star component that gives garlic its all-around stellar healing repertoire. Available only from raw garlic, choose a preparation where you add garlic at the end of cooking to tap its full medicinal power.

Stop touching your face! Thanks again, Mom. One study from the University of California, Berkeley, found that the typical person makes the hand-to-face connection an average of 16 times per hour. If you refrain from touching your eyes, nose and lips, you drastically reduce the likelihood of a virus entering your system.

Try ginseng. Canadian researchers gave 279 adults either a daily placebo or 400 milligrams a day of ginseng. Four months later, the ginseng group had contracted considerably fewer colds. University of Connecticut researchers repeated the study and arrived at the same conclusion, deeming ginseng “a safe, natural means for preventing acute respiratory illness.”

Stay-Healthy Tips 

soOlis and our sales and marketing teams hope to to see you washing your hands at IHRSA’s trade show this week in San Diego, CA. Learn about how to incorporate Artificial Intelligence into your health and fitness business, too.

Try the gift of health and fitness just in time for a healthier Valentine’s Day. Celebrate by sharing a personal training package or lifting weights together at home. Fit couples that share active interests and healthy diet habits have a lot in common and may keep each other naturally motivated and challenged.

Let’s face it: An attractive lean body is good for your libido and your energy level.

Couples That Sweat Together, Stay Together

Firm up, gain confidence and engage with your partner by performing popular activities together – both in and out of the gym. Try yoga and Body Pump class together, or tennis doubles and lifting weights at home.

Even if you live in a multi-family unit or a small apartment, be active together. Maybe book a couples’ massage or a ski lesson – we’d love to hear about your Valentine’s Day Couples Workouts.

Blog Couples Workouts

Exercise, Sex and Your Brain

When you moderately exercise, the release of endorphins – those feel-good hormones or feelings of pleasure that are created and released in your brain – help create the surefire recipe for a superior love life.

Exercise produces chemicals in the brain that evoke feelings of happiness, reduce stress, and also increase arousal. Several studies show that men and women who exercise together regularly do report better (and more frequent) sex with their partners.

Maybe take a dance class together or join a gym and share a personal trainer. Go easy, but go together as a couple who might move mountains – together.

One of the best things about exercising at the gym or using home exercise equipment side-by-side is that you really do not have to be performing the same activities to get the physical jolt of being together. You do not have to be have to be at the same fitness level to participate in effective couples workouts, according to studies.

We asked some of our favorite exercise experts for their ideas on how to workout as a couple for Valentine’s Day, and received awesome suggestions on how to make each others’ hearts race!

  • Create the ultimate home gym and meet for exercise dates
  • Be open-minded and keep your partner’s needs (goals, comfort level) in mind

Have no fear, happy couples. Even exercising side-by-side or coming together for the last 15 minutes of stretching may potentially increase your attractiveness and commitment to each other.


Valentine’s Day Workouts That Really Work


Firm up, gain confidence and engage with your partner by performing popular activities together, both in and out of the gym. From yoga and Body Pump classes to doubles tennis and snowshoe excursions, sweating together brings you closer. Research proves it.

Remember this Valentine’s Day, working out as a team might include your whole family, office mates, parents and best friends. When winter hibernation mode kicks in, you’ll need support from your workout buddies to get moving again.

Couples workouts don’t have to just come once a year. Working out with your romantic partner can benefit your body weight, self-esteem and your relationship. The couple that plays together stays together.

Set up a new home gym together for Valentine’s Day; there are many exercise options for working up a sweat together. Now, grab your honey and go for a hike.

Ask soOlis sports and marketing services to help you plan and develop your future content marketing initiatives.

And soOlis claims outspoken responsibility! Artificial Intelligence (AI) and virtual reality technologies are helping consumers become smarter, health conscious and better educated than ever before. Here are samples of other automated marketing applications within the fitness industry that will be powered by Artificial Intelligence technologies and robotics applications in the near future.

AI applications for personal training programs are just the beginning: 

  • Artificial intelligence-based athletic coaches now help college athletes build sports-specific skills
  • “Smart running shoes” calculate your calorie burn and heart rate, while also improving your running form along your favorite routes
  • A wearable sorts watch that monitors your sleep patterns and resting metabolic rate

Artificial Intelligence applications and robotics offer significant breakthroughs based on deep information channels within your data. What transforms the digital marketing world, though, is AI’s innate ability to better predict human consumer behaviors on a large scale – hand hand-tailored to suit your highly customized business.

Artificial Intelligence integrates machine learning, new algorithms and natural language processing in order to enhance communications. In larger healthcare circles, AI is already helping to uncover heart disease and diabetes at earlier stages.

AI is just one type of futuristic, automated technology that has officially arrived. We can’t wait for the next rounds of innovations. Are you attending the IHRSA Convention in San Diego in March? Chat!