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With social media controlling every aspect of our lives in today’s day in age, it’s no surprise that it has become incredibly crucial for companies to make their social media presence known. As a millennial myself, I can attest that more and more young adults rely on social media to create a first impression of a company or business.

The dreaded “where do you want to go for dinner” question that has been decades-long hurdle in a relationship can easily be hashed out with a quick look at Facebook, where restaurants typically post their menus. For gyms and health clubs, it’s imperative to find your spot in the world of Facebook. Not only does Facebook and various other social media outlets provide a way to reach out to audiences not easily accessible before, but Facebook also provides an inner view of your gym or health club before people even walk in the door.

An astonishing 95% of adults between 18 and 34 follow a brand via social media, and with 72% of adults actually checking Facebook before purchasing a product from a local business, it would be a wasted opportunity not to be on social media.

As a health club and gym owner, being active on social media shows clients and potential clients that you are easily accessible. A lot of people tend to message companies on Facebook rather than calling or emailing because it allows them practically instant responses while being able to multi-task with other things. Having a social media presence is also essential as it allows your clients to share with the world their experiences at your gym or health club. People are more likely to go a company, gym, or restaurant that has great reviews or experiences rather than a place that has little to no social media presence. If there is a negative review or post, look at it as a way to show potential clients that you want to rectify any situation. This can show clients that you are willing to go the extra mile to make sure everyone is well taken care of.

Stop only looking at social media as a way to reach your audience and start thinking of social media as a hub for your clients to boast about your services.

Elevations Heal Club

Companies are not a one-size fits all, and with that, it is important to have a marketing and public relations team that specialize in what you are trying to sell. While marketing and public relations teams are essential in today’s world, having a team behind you that actually specializes in what you are trying to sell can put you ahead of the pack.

For instance, if you had to choose between a general marketing and public relations team who have clients that range from politicians, to mom and pop shops, to factories, or a team that specializes just in your specific field? Clearly, the team that is well versed and knowledgeable of your goal is going to be the best bet. They know your audience and the best way to get to them.

That’s why here at soOlis, we pride ourselves on the fact that we are a marketing and public relations firm for health club professionals BY health club professionals. With a vast history in working side-by-side with well-known gym equipment manufacturers, gym owners, and health club owners, we know how to help you reach your goal. Combing that knowledge with our extensive knowledge and training in marketing and public relations, well, it truly makes us unstoppable.

For more information on why we here at soOlis can help you get a leg up on your competition with specialized marketing and public relations plans, please email us at

With 81% of Americans having some sort of social media profile, it’s no surprise that more and more companies are on social media as well. Chances are, before a client makes a commitment to a company, that client will check the company’s social media. Social media paves the way for companies to reach their target audience and with unlimited walls, companies can reach audiences they might not have otherwise thought of.

sport & healthThe lack of geographical restrictions with social media is beneficial for specifically fitness companies because it allows them to hone in on populations across the country, and even world, whereas commercial placements in both the television and radio world tend to stay within the local region. Don’t get me wrong, commercials can reach across the country, but at what cost?

Social media provides a low cost and even cheap option for small gyms and fitness dealers to market and reach out to their target audiences.  Instagram and Twitter are free to use, which also offer the ability to reach anyone on those outlets across the world. Instagram and Twitter do not charge companies per post. However, while Facebook is free to set up a company page and post normal status updates and pictures, typically Facebook charges for advertisement placement.

On the bright side, the average cost per click on Facebook is less than $0.30, and the average cost per thousand impressions is about $7.19. It is worth noting that these advertisements change based on a number of factors: audience, industry, and the ad objective.

In the world of gyms, fitness manufacturers and dealers, it is important that clients see the classes or products that are available, how nice the facility is, videos  of fitness dealers installations and the environment of the gyms. Regardless, with the world of social media gaining traction, it is important for companies to find their place in the world of social media. Here at soOlis, we are the experts in social media and helping you reach your target audience. For more information on social media and a tailored plan, please contact us at

A of January 1, 2017, began the new year by making slight changes and expanding its business by hiring new members to its team.

Beginning in 2009, soOlis offers health and fitness industries marketing tools to assist your business. They create custom websites and custom fitness equipment portals and help with the ecommerce and online marketing side as well. With over fifty developers and designers, they maintain the ability to keep websites updated within a seventy-two hour time limit and with the increase in staff the hope is to make everything even more efficient. People behind have over fifty years of experience in the industry andn now it allows others to provide their expertise in their field.

In the midst of it all Dan Hallon communicates mostly with soOlis’s clients and potential clients. Dan maintains the east coast, while James runs the central region of the country. Dan previously worked for Verizon and Comcast where he specialized in developing marketing plans for his clients. 

Between Sydney Sebold, the new PR manager, and Corrine Banks, the Social Media Production Manager, soOlis and it’s client’s hold a prominent display on social media sites such as: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Sydney runs client’s Facebook appearance and provides press releases on the company’s news and partnerships. She is currently working on her degree in Communications. Corrine creates videos, advertisements, as well as landing pages for clients. Corrine is an accomplished fitness professional and trainer with over ten years of experience in the industry. Working more behind the scenes, but they contribute to how people today spread the word.

Lastly, the Research & Customer Service Manager, Dina Thompson, provides a quick response to the company’s clients to ensure customer satisfaction. She and her family recently relocated from Germany to Delaware. She is completing her degree in Communications and Marketing.


Sydney Sebold

PR Manager

Dan Hallon

East Coast Manager

Dina Thompson

Research & Customer Service Manager

Corrine Banks

Social Media Production Manager

High intensity interval training workouts, or “HIIT”, has grown increasingly popular and now the question is: should you be jumping on the bandwagon too?


HIIT Workouts

Wikipedia defines it as “a form of interval training, a cardiovascular exercise strategy alternating short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods.”

Age is an important factor for pretty much everything a person does in their lives, and that includes exercise as well. As people age, they begin to question their abilities in what they can or cannot or what they should and should not do. In the words alone, high intensity says it all. High intensity is strenuous at anyone’s age, but according to Club Red, one should discuss their options with their doctor when reaching the age of fifty-five. With any workout, one should know what they are getting into and how to perform them correctly and effectively. With HIIT Workouts, one should not pursue them if they have orthopedic or cardiovascular problems. This level of exercise has both pros and cons just like anything else.

In a HIIT Workout, one exerts more energy at a time to burn more calories; therefore, less time, more results. Another benefit of these workouts, is that there are such a variety of choices in what exercises you can do. Again, with everything you find what works the best for you. If you give one exercise a test run and it does not fit, it’s not the end to your HIIT.

The biggest concern with HIIT is that it is a lot of work and strain on your body in short time frames which leaves a higher risk of injury. Also, most people jump right into these workouts instead of taking their time and easing their way into it. When a less fit person goes in head first, it simply adds to the risk factor.  

All in all, just like all exercises, it’s about knowing how much you and your body can handle. Do not lie to yourself, there is no shame. Mentioned before, it is a high intensity workout, meaning it’s high intensity for everyone, not just those about a certain age. However, those who have reached that age should take an extra precaution because your body may not be used to the new regiment and simply because your body is aging with you.  Know your limits in order to achieve the best workout along with staying safe.

For more information please contact at


Another year, another set of resolutions that we all say we’re going to complete, but how many actually do? “New year, new me”, but really we’re creatures of habit and breaking those habits are not as easy as we all would like it to be. One of the most prominent resolutions among most people is to not just get healthy, but to get fit. It’s the prime time to get in shape and look good for bathing suit season. Yet, about seventy-five percent of people maintain their resolution for the first week and as the as the year progresses, that percentage continues to drop. So the question is: How can you maintain your resolution to stay fit and healthy?

First off, one needs the proper attire and necessities. Personally, when you look the part it provides a sense of confidence that you know what you’re doing. Also, now there are many wearables

such as FitBit to keep track of your activity and progress. These wearables can track your heart rate, calories burned, your steps, and your sleep patterns. Unfortunately, some may purchase their so called “motivators” to just let them be a fad that go to waste. They’re hyped up originally, but just like those resolutions, they get old. Look good to feel good. Which brings us to why this is such a prominent resolution. Yes, we get it, you want to lose said number of pounds to look better, but many forget about the overall reason. Working out is not just about pounds, but to create a healthier lifestyle for the individual. Exercise is not the only aspect about being healthy and it does take dedication. The amount of sleep, what you consume, and the amount of activity are all contributing factors and don’t work alone. Anyways…

Most jump start into their fitness regime without a realistic goal. Nothing happens overnight and you have to be willing to put in the work and build up to your to goal. If you have not worked on cardio for a while, do not kick yourself when you struggle to run a quick mile. Some quit before they really get started because they don’t see fast results. Again, it’s all about the effort you’re willing to put in. When you start off, make a plan and schedule to stick to. It’s easier to follow a set schedule than just get on any machine that looks interesting. Lastly, resolutions lose their appeal over time and that easily could be because they are no longer exciting, new, and you miss the taste of chicken nuggets. With that, don’t be afraid to change it up. Find some different activities to keep you going and look into new recipes and diets that don’t taste like straight grass. Mostly, just find what works for you, gyms and everything that comes with it!

Overall, do not over do it and think about the positives instead of thinking you’d rather be in your bed watching Netflix. It’s a new year, and it may not be a “new” you, but it can be a better you. Happy New Years!

Australia December 2016, OneFitStop enters into a strategic marketing partnership with to create a “one stop” business solution for small fitness studios and/or personal trainers.

OneFitStop, created in 2012,  assists personal trainers and fitness companies with managing every aspect of the business from scheduling, to payments and bookings. Their program helps instructors keep up with their clients and stay on top of their business simultaneously., completes the business solution by providing the internet marketing component.  soOlis, specializing exclusively in the health and fitness industry, can create everything from custom websites to all aspects for social media marketing and advertising.  

With each of these two companies collaborating, they are developing an “all-in-one fitness business solution”. OneFitStop manages your business, while soOlis is focused on promoting it.

“With both companies working together, we can provide a great business solution for small fitness facilities and personal training studios,” said Tim Sebold, VP of Sales and Marketing for soOlis.

OneFitStop was launched in 2012 with the vision to improve the quality of life for everyone by making fitness accessible through technology.  We empower fitness professionals to grow and manage their businesses, by providing an easy to use, industry

approved platform to connect to their clients and perform all the necessary tasks required for business success.  OneFitStop has a dedicated team of fitness, business and technical experts and innovators. Headquartered in Sydney Australia, OneFitStop is the leading on the go platform for fitness professionals.

soOlis was founded in 2009, our company is proud to provide information that is necessary be aware of within the Health and Fitness Industry. We offer several different marketing tools to help your business succeed in the industry. Some of our services include custom social media marketing, fitness equipment portals, e-commerce, custom websites and online marketing. With over fifty developers and designers we have the knowledge and talent to help you while providing excellent customer service to ensure you are 100% satisfied.

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Do you ever feel like the Internet is stalking you? You click on a site or product that catches your eye, and before you know it, it’s on every site and it feels like it’s following you. You are experiencing Internet Remarketing. Internet Remarketing is just another example of how the internet itself is evolving. The internet today is now more personal as it keeps up with our day to day activities. The internet stores a complete record of what people search and visit online, creating a connection between the device and person. It has picked up and learned from the user’s activities. Google, for example, takes note of your searches and highlights them a different color and brings them up quicker for the user’s convenience. Also, while a person surfs other websites, sometimes their previously searched sites, such as clothing stores, will show their own advertisement on the side. This example of remarketing shows how the internet has developed a personal recount of the user’s likes and again, is creating a more convenient way to return the site. This too creates another source of exposure for the site. Some of these specific advertisements use carousel ads, rotating different products, hoping that at least one will catch the consumer’s eye and make them click and return to their site. Even if the user is not as interested in the site, that site now recognizes them and is insisting that they should take a second look. The repetition of a visual can increase the interest in the product because it serves as a constant reminder. Social media is a major aspect in people’s everyday lives, and this idea or remarketing can be incorporated in different media outlets, such as: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. This has provided a larger and broader reach to users. Nowadays it’s not about sending one advertisement out and hoping that it does the trick, but utilizing different platforms to connect with a variety of people on multiple networks. Facebook, for example, allows their users to “like” certain pages and their specific interests in order to make its material more relevant to that specific person.  It may seem odd that the internet has a way of technically getting to know you and your personal interests, but it helps the suppliers understand what is important to certain audiences at a cheaper cost. Marketing through the internet is a lot cheaper than using visual print ads and reaches much more consumers.

For more information regarding Internet Remarketing contact or call 877-789-8773 ext. 701

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Internet Remarketing

VANCOUVER, WA. September 29, 2015 – Core Health & Fitness, an industry leader in the manufacture and distribution of commercial fitness products, announced today plans to introduce three new indoor cycling bikes. The bikes will be marketed under Core Health & Fitness’s Star Trac brand and will debut this Fall as the Studio 7™, Studio 5™ and Studio 3™.

“Our new bikes are a winning combination of features and price points that customers will love”, said Dustin Grosz, President of Core Health & Fitness. “We have been the number one seller of group cycle bikes for over a decade and have over fifteen years of experience in engineering, design, manufacturing and distribution of indoor cycling bikes. The design of our new line of bikes draws on that wealth of experience and reputation for producing the highest quality indoor cycling bikes, while answering our customers’ requests for a newly designed, more flexible and more affordable offering in the indoor cycling space. The new bikes have a superior look and feel and are offered at a more attractive price point than Star Trac’s prior product offerings in this space,” Grosz added.

Jeff Dilts, Vice President of Product Management and Innovation at Core Health & Fitness said, “Although the bikes will vary in regards to frame and drivetrain, all three will utilize the popular perimeter weighted flywheel and a direct pressure brake system. The top-of-the-line Star Trac Studio 7™ will feature an aluminum frame, a field-tested Poly V belt and ship with pedals featuring both toe cages and SPD clips. The Star Trac Studio 5™ will have these same popular features, but will do so on the steel frame structure. Both bikes incorporate the Star Trac patent pending, durable Morse Taper design that delivers unmatched performance, safety and durability”.

The Star Trac Studio 3™ launches with a steel frame, a traditional chain drive and direct pressure brake system.

“The Star Trac Studio Series indoor cycling bikes provide a perfect complement to our Schwinn AC series”, added Grosz. “No matter what frame, drivetrain, brake or console system a club wants, we’ve got a bike that fits the need.”

About Core Health & Fitness

Core Health and Fitness is the world’s fifth largest marketer and distributor of commercial fitness products to health clubs, community recreational centers, hotels, government, educational facilities and more.

Core Health & Fitness markets its products under the Star Trac®, StairMaster®, Schwinn® and Nautilus® brands. Headquartered in Vancouver, Washington, we employ over 400 people worldwide and serve a global customer base. Core maintains sales, engineering service offices throughout the United States (Vancouver, WA; Irvine, CA; Independence, VA as well as in the United Kingdom (High Wycombe); Germany (Munich); Spain (Barcelona) and Brazil (São Paulo). We operate our primary warehouse locations in the United States, the Netherlands and China. Visit us at and