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The next major step in Artificial Intelligence is the emergence of the Chat Bot who came into existence based on demands for efficient management skills. (And more than a little lifestyle curiosity.)

Advanced intelligence exhibited by machines has many applications especially when it comes to hardcore fitness and wellness. AI has also been used to develop and advance numerous fields and industries, including finance, healthcare and education.

Doubtlessly in the coming years, more classrooms and medical facilities will be utilizing AI technologies to complement yearly curriculum and to help medical diagnosis – that is already happening.

Another modern example? Artificial Intelligence is widely used as a digital tutor to train Navy recruits in technical skills in a shorter amount of time.

Driverless Smart Cars Manned by Artificial Intelligence

AI in transportation is expected to provide safe, efficient, and reliable transportation while minimizing corrosive impact on the environment – and within the next few years.

Watch our video on using AI in automated social media campaigns

Other tasks performed by Artificial Intelligence may include:

  • AI mines fitness-training records to provide useful feedback
  • AI assists in repetitive jobs including medication management or membership sales calls
  • AI means big business gains in medical analytics
  • AI screens candidates for fitness assessments or mental health
  • AI uses search engines with speech recognition tools
  • AI powers companion “nursing robots” to assist seniors or rehab patients

Mobile Chatbots? We’ve Been Waiting on You

If you don’t know Evie, you do not know Artificial Intelligence. Evie has been one of the most popular artificial personalities on YouTube for a decade, and Evie can speak English, French, German, Polish and Turkish.

Chatbots like Evie will soon enable employees to make simple HR interactions from their mobile phones. The technology promises to make working life easier, while reducing the workload on corporate HR departments.

And according to Computer Weekly, employers will also use AI mobile technology to give employees instant feedback on their performance, rather than relying on the now-discredited annual performance review.

Check into and find out how we are renegotiating AI and automated marketing services for our health and fitness clients.

Try the gift of health and fitness just in time for a healthier Valentine’s Day. Celebrate by sharing a personal training package or lifting weights together at home. Fit couples that share active interests and healthy diet habits have a lot in common and may keep each other naturally motivated and challenged.

Let’s face it: An attractive lean body is good for your libido and your energy level.

Couples That Sweat Together, Stay Together

Firm up, gain confidence and engage with your partner by performing popular activities together – both in and out of the gym. Try yoga and Body Pump class together, or tennis doubles and lifting weights at home.

Even if you live in a multi-family unit or a small apartment, be active together. Maybe book a couples’ massage or a ski lesson – we’d love to hear about your Valentine’s Day Couples Workouts.

Blog Couples Workouts

Exercise, Sex and Your Brain

When you moderately exercise, the release of endorphins – those feel-good hormones or feelings of pleasure that are created and released in your brain – help create the surefire recipe for a superior love life.

Exercise produces chemicals in the brain that evoke feelings of happiness, reduce stress, and also increase arousal. Several studies show that men and women who exercise together regularly do report better (and more frequent) sex with their partners.

Maybe take a dance class together or join a gym and share a personal trainer. Go easy, but go together as a couple who might move mountains – together.

One of the best things about exercising at the gym or using home exercise equipment side-by-side is that you really do not have to be performing the same activities to get the physical jolt of being together. You do not have to be have to be at the same fitness level to participate in effective couples workouts, according to studies.

We asked some of our favorite exercise experts for their ideas on how to workout as a couple for Valentine’s Day, and received awesome suggestions on how to make each others’ hearts race!

  • Create the ultimate home gym and meet for exercise dates
  • Be open-minded and keep your partner’s needs (goals, comfort level) in mind

Have no fear, happy couples. Even exercising side-by-side or coming together for the last 15 minutes of stretching may potentially increase your attractiveness and commitment to each other.


Valentine’s Day Workouts That Really Work


Firm up, gain confidence and engage with your partner by performing popular activities together, both in and out of the gym. From yoga and Body Pump classes to doubles tennis and snowshoe excursions, sweating together brings you closer. Research proves it.

Remember this Valentine’s Day, working out as a team might include your whole family, office mates, parents and best friends. When winter hibernation mode kicks in, you’ll need support from your workout buddies to get moving again.

Couples workouts don’t have to just come once a year. Working out with your romantic partner can benefit your body weight, self-esteem and your relationship. The couple that plays together stays together.

Set up a new home gym together for Valentine’s Day; there are many exercise options for working up a sweat together. Now, grab your honey and go for a hike.

Ask soOlis sports and marketing services to help you plan and develop your future content marketing initiatives.

And soOlis claims outspoken responsibility! Artificial Intelligence (AI) and virtual reality technologies are helping consumers become smarter, health conscious and better educated than ever before. Here are samples of other automated marketing applications within the fitness industry that will be powered by Artificial Intelligence technologies and robotics applications in the near future.

AI applications for personal training programs are just the beginning: 

  • Artificial intelligence-based athletic coaches now help college athletes build sports-specific skills
  • “Smart running shoes” calculate your calorie burn and heart rate, while also improving your running form along your favorite routes
  • A wearable sorts watch that monitors your sleep patterns and resting metabolic rate

Artificial Intelligence applications and robotics offer significant breakthroughs based on deep information channels within your data. What transforms the digital marketing world, though, is AI’s innate ability to better predict human consumer behaviors on a large scale – hand hand-tailored to suit your highly customized business.

Artificial Intelligence integrates machine learning, new algorithms and natural language processing in order to enhance communications. In larger healthcare circles, AI is already helping to uncover heart disease and diabetes at earlier stages.

AI is just one type of futuristic, automated technology that has officially arrived. We can’t wait for the next rounds of innovations. Are you attending the IHRSA Convention in San Diego in March? Chat!

We think of your brand and your business as a thriving and dynamic entity with a mind, soul, and quirky personality. There may be thousands of gyms, training studios and exercise equipment companies in your town. So, what exactly sets your business – and your messaging – apart.

Unsure of what makes you competitive in a crowded marketplace? Consider your approach to marketing solutions and business strategies beyond basic ads and membership deals:

  • Do you have a social media calendar to organize events, blogs, and success stories?
  • Are you efficiently driving traffic from Facebook to an online store or E-commerce website?
  • What makes an ad campaign successful for you?

Not quite sure? That’s where soOlis jumps in: We understand obstacles to successful fitness marketing, and we regularly measure personalized success rates and key performance indicators, or KPIs.

We Know Your Audience

We’re so passionate about our clients’ products and offerings at soOlis, our industry expertise allows us to pinpoint your most appropriate audiences with custom content and daily data analytics that steers your marketing strategy – at scale.

Establish Business Credibility

Today’s educated health and fitness consumers want the latest and most trusted fitness and health information, which they use to make decisions about their own wellness. Having an experienced content team and highly relevant messaging works very effectively.

Use Social Media Correctly 

Facebook and Instagram are still the stars of the moment. At soOlis, we know that social media is an effective marketing vehicle to promote, communicate and gain awareness for your health and fitness company.
Your Facebook account is not your brand though – your website and identity within the competitive marketplace also contribute to your total brand. Ask about our content strategies and how to create – or enhance – your unique brand.

Our fitness marketing and wellness expertise can help take many marketing jobs off your plate, so you can Think Big while we analyze and execute your custom business initiatives.

Our soOlis team consists of physicians, qualified nutritionists, experienced personal trainers, physiologists and marketers all working together – with our graphics and programming teams – to develop full-service online marketing  programs.SEo, Google analytics reports

  1. Analytics. We use comprehensive lead generation and email marketing solutions to create and capture data for your businesses, including customer appreciation programs, drip         campaigns, email newsletters.
  1. Content. is the “go to” custom website pro for fitness equipment needs, leasing education, exercise equipment portals, gym locators, and e-commerce recommendations.
  1. Education. Our popular 3D fitness tool allows you to create a virtual personal avatar to help visualize the changes your body will go through during our branded corporate wellness programs or gym-focused exercise prescriptions.
  1. Ad dollars. We research the best parameters for your digital ad dollars and ensure all marketing initiatives and ads are SEO-optimized and mobile-friendly. Every ad we produce and analyze will provide customers with wider access to your website and clickable information about your business.
  1. Social media. We ease the challenges most health and fitness business owners face, including posting consistent daily or weekly social media posts, fluid content strategy, video posts, and re-marketing goods and services to capture the perfect target audience.

Not only do we relate to our clients but we save them significant time and money. soOlis would love to take a deep dive into your data, and help you get intense work projects off your plate.  Contact us at  or call us 877-789-8773  today to help you expand your fitness marketing services

CrossFit seems to be all of the rage nowadays. First off, per the official CrossFit website, it is a workout with constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. CrossFit is a mixture of gymnastics, weightlifting, running, rowing and more. Sounds intimidating, right? Wrong. CrossFit is arguably one of the most interchangeable workouts. When I say interchangeable, I mean that each CrossFit workout is catered towards what your limits are. The weight load and intensity changes so just because one person is doing the max load, it does not mean that you have to as well.

With that said, CrossFit is for all ages. From people of older age to children and everyone in between.  There’s ONE workout each day that is completely scalable based on your skill so while someone is squatting with 135lbs, you can squat with what your body is able to handle. Generally speaking, most CrossFitters workout three days on with one day off. In those workouts, you’re giving your workout your best effort because typically, CrossFitters are rewarded for finishing their workout in the least amount of time.

Because you are trying to finish your workout the quickest, CrossFit provides a supportive, yet competitive atmosphere, so it’s no surprise that CrossFit has a cult-like following. Arguably, because of the competitive nature, an amateur could push their body past their point and cause harm. This is where the support of CrossFit comes in because other CrossFitters and coaches are there to help you slow yourself down if you’re not ready.

So can you do CrossFit workouts at home? Yes! Most CrossFit gyms put their WOD (workout of the day) on their website or Facebook page so you can easily follow it at home should you have the necessary equipment. However, be careful that while you can workout at home, it may not smart to if you’re just starting out. The support provided in CrossFit gyms is lacking at home if you’re by yourself. That means, no one is there to spot you or help you take a step back to breathe when you need it.

If you’re interested in joining CrossFit but are unsure where to start, check your local gym. By going to a local gym, you will be able to meet up with certified coaches who will be more than happy to answer any and all questions you may have. Who knows, maybe they’ll even be able to offer you free tours or classes to help you get a feel of the gym. Either way, don’t count out CrossFit until you’ve experienced it yourself!

Health gurus always say that diet is the biggest part of weight loss so it’s no surprise that there are countless diets available to people nowadays. We all want to be the better, healthier version of ourself so why not take a step back and reevaluate what it is we are putting in our bodies? However, because there are countless diets floating around the Internet, how do you know what is best for you?

The Atkins diet has been around for awhile, and for good measure. The Atkins diet focuses heavily on calories and people who are on Atkins typically drop weight. The caveat? No carbs, simple sugars, or veggies that are high in carbs.

The Keto diet is a newly popular one. It’s well known for being low carb (I’m talking less than 15g a day) so the body produces ketones to be used as energy rather than glucose from carbs. Of the 15g of carbs you eat a day, you want to make sure they come from veggies, nuts, and dairy rather than wheat, starch, or fruit.

Health gurus see the Whole30 diet as a reset button for your GI tract and a great way to see what your body may be allergic to based on the fact you follow a strict diet for a month then phase foods back in. People using the Whole30 diet are unable to eat grains, dairy, legumes, sugar, alcohol, and nothing you cannot pronounce. One thing that Whole30 expects of you that not many other diets do? Absolutely NO stepping on the scale for 30 days!

Paleo, otherwise known as the “caveman diet”, focuses on steering you away from your typical go-to foods by the big box foods. People who enjoy HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workouts benefit greatly from this diet. Stay away from grains, legumes, dairy, vegetable oils, sugars (real and artificial), and anything you couldn’t easily forage for if you just so happen to wind up in a Gilligan’s Island or Lost situation.

So how do you know which diet is best for you? You need to pick which diet works best for your lifestyle. What works for some will not work for others. As always, it’s important to speak with your physician and dietitian before beginning a diet.

Social Media Marketing for fitness dealersWith social media controlling every aspect of our lives in today’s day in age, it’s no surprise that it has become incredibly crucial for companies to make their social media presence known. As a millennial myself, I can attest that more and more young adults rely on social media to create a first impression of a company or business.

The dreaded “where do you want to go for dinner” question that has been decades-long hurdle in a relationship can easily be hashed out with a quick look at Facebook, where restaurants typically post their menus. For gyms and health clubs, it’s imperative to find your spot in the world of Facebook. Not only does Facebook and various other social media outlets provide a way to reach out to audiences not easily accessible before, but Facebook also provides an inner view of your gym or health club before people even walk in the door.

An astonishing 95% of adults between 18 and 34 follow a brand via social media, and with 72% of adults actually checking Facebook before purchasing a product from a local business, it would be a wasted opportunity not to be on social media.

As a health club and gym owner, being active on social media shows clients and potential clients that you are easily accessible. A lot of people tend to message companies on Facebook rather than calling or emailing because it allows them practically instant responses while being able to multi-task with other things. Having a social media presence is also essential as it allows your clients to share with the world their experiences at your gym or health club. People are more likely to go a company, gym, or restaurant that has great reviews or experiences rather than a place that has little to no social media presence. If there is a negative review or post, look at it as a way to show potential clients that you want to rectify any situation. This can show clients that you are willing to go the extra mile to make sure everyone is well taken care of.

Stop only looking at social media as a way to reach your audience and start thinking of social media as a hub for your clients to boast about your services. For more information about this topic contact us at or call 877-789-8773.

Elevations Heal Club

Companies are not a one-size fits all, and with that, it is important to have a marketing and public relations team that specialize in what you are trying to sell. While marketing and public relations teams are essential in today’s world, having a team behind you that actually specializes in what you are trying to sell can put you ahead of the pack.

For instance, if you had to choose between a general marketing and public relations team who have clients that range from politicians, to mom and pop shops, to factories, or a team that specializes just in your specific field? Clearly, the team that is well versed and knowledgeable of your goal is going to be the best bet. They know your audience and the best way to get to them.

That’s why here at soOlis, we pride ourselves on the fact that we are a marketing and public relations firm for health club professionals BY health club professionals. With a vast history in working side-by-side with well-known gym equipment manufacturers, gym owners, and health club owners, we know how to help you reach your goal. Combing that knowledge with our extensive knowledge and training in marketing and public relations, well, it truly makes us unstoppable.

For more information on why we here at soOlis can help you get a leg up on your competition with specialized marketing and public relations plans, please email us at