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Understanding the Buyer’s Journey – A.I. vs Personal Touch

Buyers journey through AI and human touch

Over the years, Hollywood has used robots and different forms of artificial intelligence for entertainment purposes in movies and television shows. It seems that most of these cinematic representations portray these concepts as something to be feared, as seen in popular flicks like Terminator and I, Robot.

But the reality is that the artificial intelligence available in the real world today has many beneficial uses, especially when it comes to business.

In the fitness industry, the personal touch of face-to-face customer service will never be fully replaced by things like A.I. Voice. But there are plenty of great ways to incorporate this innovative service into the buyer’s journey for your gym or fitness center.

To ensure we can highlight the key uses, let’s take a quick look at tasks that should be done by an individual and things an AI voiceover system can take care of for you.

Tasks for the Humans

As long as there are people who are interested in their health and staying fit, there will always be individuals who need help learning their way around a gym. Customer service representatives and personal trainers should be available for fitness equipment instruction.

When a person walks into a fitness center, their journey as a buyer likely started well before they stepped through the door. But this is a crucial point in the process to show what is available to them if they decide to join the club.

When showing the visitor around the gym, the representative will be able to point out the fitness equipment and teach the guest how to use pieces they’ve never tried before. The rep will have the chance to explain the different benefits of a treadmill compared to a stationary bike and even let the visitor try it out.

As long as the gym consultant has a good attitude and answers their questions, the guest will enjoy the social aspect and feel right at home in the fitness center.

Tasks for AI Voice

Although the personal touch is always enjoyed by both prospects and current gym members, the use of AI Voice has transformed into a powerful tool for a number of business-related functions. A few examples of things people should be able to accomplish using AI Voice:

  • Location hours of operations
  • Scheduling appointments/tours
  • Booking fitness classes/ persoanl training
  • Scheduling service calls
  • Finding out which instructor is teaching a specific classes
  • What time a specific class is

Just handling the above actions can save your fitness company a great deal of time, and money.

Ready to Add AI Voice?

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