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soOlis’ AI Voice Brings a Voice to Your Fitness Business

Artificial intelligence for fitness industry

April 1, 2019 – soOils is proud to present AI Voice, a new marketing and member experience tool for gyms. soOils AI (artificial intelligence) Voice fully integrates with Alexa, Google, Cortana, and many other voice recognition applications. The soOils AI Voice service allows gyms to increase leads, members experiences in respect to member questions inside and outside of the gyms and differentiate themselves from their competition.

soOils AI Voice saves customers time and money as well. People are overwhelming becoming more comfortable talking to their devices by voice. Tim Sebold, the Chief Innovator of soOils, commented that, “soOlis believes from the data available, that voice is the future of internet communication.  Projections have over 50% of the searches being done by voice devices next year.”

The PWC Consumer Intelligence series found that 57 percent of smartphone users already used voice commands.  Voice searching is faster, there is no typing involved and people can ask direct questions and get the answers they are looking for without having to click through web pages to reach a class schedule or request a guest pass. The gym managers and owners like it because it enables them to focus human efforts on the most critical aspect of gym operations.

soOils AI Voice can also be used to schedule gym tours, personal training sessions, group fitness classes and much more.  The AI Voice products are fully customizable for each fitness center setting so that customer data is used to its fullest potential. This way soOils AI Voice can create a personalized experience for each user in each gym setting.

soOils has been working with fitness centers for over 50 years, helping gyms increase revenue by utilizing different digital marketing tools, as well as providing valuable fitness equipment information for the home and commercial markets. The AI Voice launch puts soOils eons ahead of their competitors. Be one of the first gyms to adopt to this new technology.

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