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soolis Launches Telechat System For Gyms to Communicate with Members

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soolis, recently launched a telechat system to enable gyms to communicate with members. The system integrates a Chabot into a gym’s phone system allowing the facility to address issues in real-time, communicate essential information, e.g., new workout packages, minimize the labor cost, and more. More importantly, the system makes it easy to communicate the new safety requirements in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gyms, like other public facilities, should adhere to social distancing and hygiene guidelines. According to the Center for Disease Control, members and employees alike should maintain the six-foot distance at all times. This means fitness facilities need to reduce the number of people visiting the facilities for workout sessions and schedule routines that enable members to use the facilities while adhering to the rules.

The workout sessions may be reduced to an hour or less, while some equipment may only be available on specific days to allow ample time for cleaning. Gyms need to communicate all such changes to members in advance. “These trying times compel gyms owners to communicate the new policies and procedures to gym members constantly. Integrating a telechat or chatbot system helps answer the most frequently asked questions more so for staff who need to be attentive when attending to members,” said Tim Sebold VP of Sales & Marketing at

The telechat / chatbot system is not only an effective communication channel but also provides guidance, motivation, and a sense of community for members opting for online workout sessions. What other benefits do chatbots offer fitness centers?

Keeping the Community Informed

The regulations for public facilities like fitness centers often change hence the need to keep members informed about their effects on the business. When setting up the chatbot, ensure it addresses the most pressing issues. Members want to know what time you open the facility; if not, alternative fitness packages to help them keep fit.

Create Personalized Workout Packages

Chatbots make it easy for gyms to customize workout packages for members. And, according to a Harvard Business Review, customers are more receptive of personalized products as they are based on personal information they have shared with a brand. If built right, chatbots can help gym owners find out their customers’ preferences and customize workout packages based on that information.

Inform Members about New Products

With a majority of members choosing to stay at home to keep healthy, many fitness facilities have resulted in using digital channels to reach members. This has compelled gym owners to create packages tailored to home workouts. You can use a chatbot to inform customers about the new products, and it can be tailored to sell the products too.

What’s more, you can use the chatbot to show prospective customers how the products are helping people attain their fitness goals, answer questions about the new products, and recommend suitable buys. Such information motivates members to purchase the products leading to increased revenues.

Launch Contests to Improve Engagement

Gym members opting for online workout sessions often miss the sense of community experienced in real gyms. As such, you can use chatbots to promote community engagement by running a contest. Encourage members to log into their workout bots, recording the number of calories lost, the number of reps made, and so on. Then use such features to identify members who qualify for a gift card or other reward. The bot can also help you identify members who have been the most consistent in their workout regimens during the month and reward them.

Chatbots make an invaluable tool for the modern fitness facility. They not only help gyms communicate with members but also gather critical information to help improve their services. Also, their intuitive conversational capabilities create a seamless experience for users when looking for information without coming off as impersonal.

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