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Why Your Business Needs To Incorporate AI Voice Now

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AI voice assistants (e.g., Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri) are increasingly popular among consumers. In fact, there are over 1 billion devices today that provide voice assistant access and 61.5% of smartphone owners use voice assistants on a monthly basis.

Meanwhile, 72% of smart speaker users say the devices are part of their daily routines and more than 70% of consumers prefer to use voice assistants to perform online searches.

The trend is undeniable — AI voice for business is here to stay. The wide adoption will impact how businesses interact with and provide services to their customers.

The Benefits Of Using AI Voice Assistants For Your Business

AI voice assistants interpret verbal instructions from users and perform tasks such as voice search, scheduling, shopping, and more. The technology is changing how consumers use the Internet and interact with businesses digitally.

Increasingly, consumers want the convenience of interacting with a business whenever and wherever they want. By providing the ability to perform tasks, such as scheduling an appointment with voice assistant via smartphones, you can reduce friction in the purchasing process and deliver timely customer services to drive more sales.

AI voice assistants can also automate customer interactions such as setting up appointments, providing answers to frequently asked questions, or delivering customized content, so you can offer responsive customer service without increasing costs.

AI voice for business has many applications, such as:

  • Integration with your website so visitors can make purchases or perform searches on products and services using voice-activated technologies.
  • Integration with a scheduling system so customers can book an appointment without interacting with a screen.
  • Integration with your CRM system to deliver relevant and timely information and offers based on each customer’s real-time interaction with your business.

Consumers enjoy the convenience of AI voice technology, which represents a new way through which businesses can engage with and support customers. It enables you to deliver seamless services that will improve customer acquisition and retention by making it easy to make a purchase or schedule an appointment.


The popularity of AI voice technologies is increasing rapidly:

  • 76.5 million people in the US will own a smart speaker by 2020.
  • The availability of digital assistants on smartphones will reach 90% by 2023.
  • Voice commerce is expected to grow sixfold compared to other channels.

In order to stay relevant in the marketplace, businesses need to leverage AI voice technologies in their customer touch points. With the fast-evolving customer expectations and rapid adoption of the technology, you can’t afford to wait to implement AI voice in your business.

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