The Benefits of Remarketing For Gyms

Running a gym is rarely a walk in the park. With new gyms popping up everyday and specialty studios entering the scene, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to capture consumers’ attention.

As a gym owner or manager, one of the biggest challenges is to make sure you’re using the right marketing strategies to acquire and retain members.

Remarketing has become a very effective marketing strategy for local businesses and here are a few reasons why this strategy is great for gyms:

what is remarketing

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Multiply the Power of Local SEO

Most consumers search online when they’re looking for local services. Optimizing for local SEO is the key to getting found but that’s only half the story… what happens after visitors come to your website?

Most people aren’t ready to make a purchasing decision right away and remarketing ads allow you to keep showing up in front of these visitors, who have shown interest in joining a gym, to progress them down your sales funnel.

Engage With Your Email Subscribers

Email remarketing is a tactic that targets subscribers who click on your emails so you can create ad campaigns based on the specific content or offers they have engaged with.

These prospects are already interested in your services and remarketing ads give you the opportunity to accelerate them down the sales funnel by staying top of mind, nurturing the relationships, and directing them back to your website to complete an action.

Establish a Multi-Channel Presence

Remarketing strategies allow you to connect with those who have visited your website on other online touchpoints, such as Facebook, YouTube (as part of the Google platform,) and websites in the Google Display Network.

These ads help you deliver the most relevant content and offers based on the prospects’ prior interactions with your brand and drive traffic back to your site so you can further engage with them.

Improve Client Retention

A membership business model means you have to be constantly “marketing” to your clients so they stay on as members.

Remarketing allows you to continue engaging your members by sharing the latest news, relevant content, and upgrades or special offers based on their interactions with your website.

By consistently communicating with your members and providing value, you can stay top of mind and improve your customer retention rate.

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