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Plan Your Fitness Marketing For the New Years Resolutioners

Many people set New Year’s resolutions to lose weight or become more healthy, making this period the prime opportunity for gyms to promote their offerings.

To attract more potential members and increase your enrollment, start to plan your marketing activities ahead of time so you can reach high-quality prospects when the “New Year’s resolution craze” kicks in.

Here are the key areas to cover in your gym’s comprehensive digital marketing plan:

Social Media

People are on social media to share their holiday season experience with their friends and family so what better way to reach them than to meet them where they’re at?

Use visual content (e.g., workouts videos, photos of your gym, motivating quotes) to attract attention and spark conversations. Post client testimonials as social proof and share healthy recipes to add value.

Create a Facebook event to attract more prospects (e.g., a free trial class) and use the appropriate hashtags so more potential clients in your geographic location can see your posts.

Content Marketing

Sharing valuable and relevant content is a great way to build trust and cultivate relationships with your audience while positioning you as a subject matter expert.

Research your ideal clients’ biggest fitness challenges and create content to attract the right potential clients to your website.

Your content should also address the objections and concerns related to each stage of your prospects’ customer journey so you can accelerate the sales cycle and improve your conversion rate.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Most people start their search for local businesses online so getting found on Google is key to attracting more new prospects to your gym.

Make sure your website is optimized for the right keywords, mobile-responsive, and easy to navigate. Claim your Google My Business listing so it will be listed in the local pack, which is shown at the top of relevant search results.

Pay-Per-Click and Remarketing

You can use online advertising strategies to drive more traffic to your website. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, such as Google Ads and Facebook ads, is one of the most common forms and you only pay for visitors that click through to your website.

To optimize the ROI of your PPC campaigns, you need to optimize your targeting and bidding strategy. Also, use the right keywords and messaging that match your target audience’s search intent so you can get high-quality clicks.

In addition, most visitors who come to your website the first time aren’t ready to convert. Use remarketing campaigns to display relevant ads to these prospects so you can stay top of mind and drive them back to your website.

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