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New Equipment of Marketing – With a Limited Budget, Which is the Better Return on Investment?

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You bought new equipment, you offer free classes and even a discounted membership, so where are the new customers? Being profitable in the fitness center industry takes more than just setting up shop and waiting; the industry has become very competitive. The formula for success for fitness centers today is finding a way to set your gym apart and get the community involved.

Instead of going out and taking out a loan for the latest and greatest equipment, think hard about marketing tactics.  Just over 60% of gyms have fairly tight marketing budgets. The majority, 41% spend between $100 and $500 a month on marketing. With a small budget, it is important to be sure that dollars are being used in the most economical way possible. recent survey of professional marketing businesses, specializing in fitness center marketing reported that the top three marketing channels as far as return on investment (ROI) are:

Word-of-Mouth – This is part of getting people involved with the gym to the point that they are talking about it to their friends and bringing in referrals.

Social Media – Paid social media marketing had the second-best ROI, this type of marketing has a bit of a learning curve and can be time-consuming.

Signage – Signs and flyers that hit customer pain points make great reminders for potential customers that might be on the fence about joining a gym.

When it comes down to it, what type of people get excited about a shiny new treadmill? These are people that are already signed up at fitness centers. The trick to acquiring new customers is to get people talking about it. How is that done?

Atmosphere – The atmosphere of a gym should cater to its niche market. Let’s say a gym wants to attract soon to be moms to take yoga classes with a new instructor. This customer base is not likely to return no matter how many free classes they are offered if the place is decked out in black and silver and smells like sweaty socks. Carefully crafting ways to go about capturing particular markets is essential.

Social Media – Social media marketing is a fine art. Hiring a social media marketer that gets results is money well spent. They will craft niche and location-specific posts that grab the attention of potential customers.

Website – Having a user-friendly fitness website where folks can learn about the center, book appointments, or pay their monthly fees is a big must. Two-thirds of people shopping for something, including gym memberships read reviews and check out the company website before deciding to purchase. Without a website, you are leaving 67% of potential customers guessing about the facility.

While your gym may need an extreme makeover, for most, dollars are better spent on exceptional marketing. The mainstay of marketing, especially for a small business, is to be smart with the dollars that you have. Enlisting help with formulating the perfect marketing strategies could be the best thing you ever did. If you are looking for marketing assistance soOils is a full-service marketing and information company with over 50 years of experience in the industry. Contact soOils today for a free marketing consultation, visit the website or call 1(877)789-8773.