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High intensity interval training workouts– should you be performing them or steering clear of them?

High intensity interval training workouts, or “HIIT”, has grown increasingly popular and now the question is: should you be jumping on the bandwagon too?


HIIT Workouts

Wikipedia defines it as “a form of interval training, a cardiovascular exercise strategy alternating short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods.”

Age is an important factor for pretty much everything a person does in their lives, and that includes exercise as well. As people age, they begin to question their abilities in what they can or cannot or what they should and should not do. In the words alone, high intensity says it all. High intensity is strenuous at anyone’s age, but according to Club Red, one should discuss their options with their doctor when reaching the age of fifty-five. With any workout, one should know what they are getting into and how to perform them correctly and effectively. With HIIT Workouts, one should not pursue them if they have orthopedic or cardiovascular problems. This level of exercise has both pros and cons just like anything else.

In a HIIT Workout, one exerts more energy at a time to burn more calories; therefore, less time, more results. Another benefit of these workouts, is that there are such a variety of choices in what exercises you can do. Again, with everything you find what works the best for you. If you give one exercise a test run and it does not fit, it’s not the end to your HIIT.

The biggest concern with HIIT is that it is a lot of work and strain on your body in short time frames which leaves a higher risk of injury. Also, most people jump right into these workouts instead of taking their time and easing their way into it. When a less fit person goes in head first, it simply adds to the risk factor.  

All in all, just like all exercises, it’s about knowing how much you and your body can handle. Do not lie to yourself, there is no shame. Mentioned before, it is a high intensity workout, meaning it’s high intensity for everyone, not just those about a certain age. However, those who have reached that age should take an extra precaution because your body may not be used to the new regiment and simply because your body is aging with you.  Know your limits in order to achieve the best workout along with staying safe.

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