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Fitness Marketing using Artificial Intelligence

artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming a must-have for lead generation in many industries. Using AI for fitness marketing and retention techniques will help you to cut costs while gaining more customers. The key here is that digital information is very informative, but without the help of computers, there is no way to use the data effectively. Looking at using AI systems to parse data for lead generation and customer retention may sound unhelpful, but it will take your fitness center to the next level.

Digital Data and the Numbers

You have a website, and maybe you track some things on Google Analytics, but you don’t really know what any of it means or how to use it. If you do have a website or use social media to promote your gym, ask yourself the following questions:

Do I know the demographics of people that are engaging with my marketing materials?

Do I have a way to understand the interests of the people that interact with my marketing?

Am I really capitalizing on my social media marketing budget?

If you do not know the answers to these questions, you may want to consider what you can do to answer them. Digital data is a goldmine if you know how to use it. Research has shown that AI can help to convert 216% more customers and increase sales by 21%. For fitness centers, one establishment that has had great success with AI marketing tactics was able to boost leads by 218%.


How Does it Work?

AI for fitness marketing simply takes all of the data from the hard work that you put into your current marketing and makes it more useful. Using a system that is specially designed to see into the future of fitness marketing essentially takes all of your user and interaction data, pools it together and then parses it for positive patterns.

Think about it like this. You have a Facebook user at your gym; they often like your Facebook posts. This particular user posts about one of your classes and their friend, Jill, likes the post then goes to your website and signs up for a newsletter. From here your specialized AI fitness marketing system will go through Jill’s public data such as Facebook posts and likes and construct a personalized marketing plan for Jill only.

A fitness marketing AI system can also enlighten you to what types of media posts are the most popular, what promos work the best, etc., without having to do the footwork yourself. AI will save you a lot of time and therefore money planning out new social media campaigns and other ways to generate leads.

Again, do you have a good handle on your user and interaction data? Are you using it to your best advantage? Get on board with the AI fitness marketing wave, and you will quickly generate more leads than ever before. Unless you are incredibly fortunate and have movie stars in your classes day after day, an AI marketing system is an excellent investment for your gym marketing budget.

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