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Chatbot vs Website Funnels

chatbots vs website funnels

Chatbots Expedite The Buyer’s Journey
Website “funnels” are designed in a way that impels potential clientele toward conversion. If clientele were livestock, strategy behind website funnels would be cowboys spuring the cattle back to the “ranch” of conversion. Since at least 2007, cowboys have been using All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) like four-wheelers rather than horses. If you think of websites as horses in your clientele cattle drive, and ATVs as chatbots, you’ll see how advantageous chatbots truly are.

Many cowboys swear by their horses, but more successful ranches have made the ATV switch. Some agricultural groups use both. As a business, you’d do well to consider the advantages of chatbots over traditional website funnels. Website monetization manages to “rope in” up to 3% of traffic, while the other 97% of visitors won’t buy a thing. Meanwhile, conversational marketing cuts wasted efforts in this regard substantially, initiating at least three times the conversion rate seen through older methods. It’s the difference between a horse and an ATV–or a horse and buggy and an automobile.

With chatbots, your website can automatically and immediately “talk back” to curious clientele through services like Facebook Messenger. This chatbot “conversation” can be dynamic and personalized; designed to specifically represent the interests of all involved. Following we’ll briefly cover a few introductory items pertaining to how chatbot innovations outshine older website marketing strategies so you can figure out how best to incorporate them:

  • Personalization
  • TOFU Expansion
  • Content Marketing Via Messenger
  • Bots For Customer Journey Facilitation
  • Lead Generation Bots That Enable Sales
  • Key Advantages Of Messenger Marketing
  • Implementating FB Messenger Marketing On Your Site

Chatbots have high levels of personalization potential that can be used to directly meet clientele needs as pertain to your specific business. Figure out where clientele belong, then personalize based on this content using messages that follow a gameplan–your website can’t do that.

There’s a six-step process you can alter to fit your needs, it’s generally going to look like this: the first message is high-value content, the second has more “fun” content, you suggest a soft-sell with the third, send some more “fun” content on the fourth, trickle out high-value content with the fifth chatbot message, and selll on the sixth. Mix and match to fit your needs; consultation helps you maximize.

TOFU Expansion
Top Of Funnel marketing strategies are abreviated “TOFU”. The wider the mouth of your “funnel”, the more potential clientele you can encourage toward conversion at its bottom. Driving traffic to chatbots produces a wider funnel than traditional website marketing. Clientele can be sent to different segments of a given chatbot’s programming as well, helping the bot most appropriately respond to what clients are searching for.

Pop-up “messeges” on your website do this well, facilitating more effective clientele “opt-ins” than emails are known to produce. Users can engage by just clicking the pop-up message window, and entering their info. So substitute out email pop-ups for chatbot messenger pop-ups which additionally capture clientele email–you’re “doubling down”.

All you’ve got to do is install a widget on your homepage. The pop-up will have some customized messages that are variations on”How can I assist you?”, followed by appropriate calls-to-action. You can alter such messages as it suits you.

Content Marketing Via Messenger
You can use exchanges between clientele and chatbots to suggest relevant content based on client queries. Chatbot content should be calibrated for classic buyer’s journey stages: awareness, consideration, evaluation, decision-making, and purchasing. Chatbots can automatically guide clientele through these stages as they gather information and deliver answers to relevant queries, helping customers decide.

Bots For Customer Journey Facilitation
Dovetailing from content marketing, bots calibrated to pull clients further down the sales funnel are infinitely more effective than “static” websites, and save your marketing division a lot of work, further helping you consolidate and maintain sales resources.

Lead Generation Bots That Enable Sales
In terms of lead generation, several best practices suggest themselves. Bots should be calibrated based on factors like where users are coming from, existing onboarding procedures, email capture via chatbot messaging, gift-giving in terms of coupons, or discounted services through chatbots.

Additionally, gamifying clientele preferences by allowing them to rate things or demonstrate what they prefer, defining discounts in exact dollar amounts rather than percentage reductions, soft-pressure messages like those telling visitors certain inventory is running out, and leaning into clientele patterns additionally produce effective lead generation through chatbots.

Key Advantages Of Messenger Marketing
Effective messenger marketing facilitates key advantages. Do it right, and expect the following:

  • Expanded Email Open-Rates – More Than Double That Of Email
  • More Reliable Clickthrough Rates; Up To 60% Better Than Email
  • Increased User Data Collection Automatically; Including Insight And Data
  • Exceptional Reduction In Marketing Costs Per Lead–Up To 477% Reduction
  • Natural Opportunities For Content Marketing Specifically Matching What Clients Want
  • Increased Levels Of Signups Without Clients Being Pressured In An Uncomfortable Way
  • Exact Personalization Precisely Matching Business Needs And Desires Of Your Clientele
  • Moare Automation Than Is Available Through Traditional Personal And Website Marketing
  • More Effective “Micro-Targeting” Incorporating Exact Data As Recouped By The Chatbot Messenger
  • Expanded User Base: Clientele Already Use Options like Facebook Messenger; You’re Just “Leaning In”

Marketing cost reduction alone strongly specifies incorporation of chatbot technology in addition to existing website techniques. You’ll likely end up phasing out website lead generation tactics entirely, as they’re roundly outshone through chatbots; but every business is different, and consultation is always wise.

Implementating FB Messenger Marketing On Your Site
Proper implementation includes determining who clientele are, asking the right questions to classify them through chatbots, designing content for classifications to meet clients where they are in the buyer’s journey, matching content to clientele, and using this information to relay clientele to salespeople who “close the deal”. All these things provide clear advantage to websites which don’t have such marketing options available.

A More Successful Sales Process
Chatbots help personalize outreach, expand sales funnels, disseminate appropriate content, facilitate a more streamlined sales journey, generate more leads, reduce overall expenses through key advantages, and maximize your site’s sales generation potential thorugh their implementation. This is a broad overview presented in brief, but there’s much more to recommend chatbots. For competitive viability, trade in that old website horse-and-buggy for a souped up chatbox autombile.

For more information on chatbots, contact soOlis or click out chat bot.