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3 Effective Marketing Strategy For Fitness Trade Shows

Fitness Trade SHow

The Club Industry Show is one of the biggest trade show in the fitness and wellness community. As a fitness equipment manufacturer, you’d likely be attending the event and taking the opportunity to connect with health club owners and managers.

One effective way to generate more interest and boost your visibility is to set up a booth at trade shows. What can you do before, during, and after the event to make sure you’re getting the most out of your time and efforts?

1. Set Goals and Plan in Advance

What business objective do you want to achieve by attending this trade show?

Make sure your marketing materials, messaging, and targeting is in alignment with your overall business objectives so you can attract the right visitors to your booth.

Knowing what your goals are can also help you map out pre- and post-show promotional activities so you can drive more traffic to your booth and follow up with the leads strategically.

2. Complement Your Marketing and Product Launch Calendar

Do you have any new product launch coming up?

Trade shows are perfect venues to drum up attention and excitement around your new product launches. Take a look at your marketing calendar and see what new products you can promote to attract visitors to your booth.

If you don’t yet have a new product to show but got something in the works, you can offer a “sneak peek” to pique interest and entice visitors to get on an early notification list so you can nurture the leads and continue the conversation.

3. Create a Post-Event Follow Up Strategy

What are you going to do with all the business cards and emails collected from your booth visitors during the event? Well, the work has just begun!

A well-designed follow-up strategy consisting of email, social media, and remarketing can help you make the most out of the event by building relationships with the prospects you have met. For example, add them to a new segment on your email list so you can send them a personalized message, a piece of high-value content, and a lead nurturing campaign.

You can keep the buzz going by sharing valuable content and offers through your email, blog, and social media channels (e.g., by setting up a custom audience or through remarketing campaigns.)

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