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Why Content Marketing Is Important

Content for SEO

Content marketing is one of the most important digital marketing strategies of them all. Content is anything on your website that’s informative, helpful, and useful to your audience – typically blog posts. By sharing your expertise, you build up trust with your leads.

Content marketing stands out from other approaches because it raises your visibility in search engines. Good content gets shared and linked to by others. This creates a small but steady flow of targeted Web traffic, introducing people to your site at the moment they need you.

Gyms are in an especially good position to benefit from content marketing.

People who search for health and fitness topics often feel overwhelmed by all the conflicting information they see. Content establishes you as an expert voice they can trust. That makes it more likely that, when they finally decide to take action, they choose you over the rest.

Let’s consider some of the best ways gyms can use content:

Share Exercises and Workout Routines

When future customers are checking out gyms, they want to know where to get started and how to get results. It’s difficult for them to figure out an appropriate set or maintain the proper form on their own. Interactive content, such as quizzes, can help them assess their fitness needs. Then, videos can show them exactly how to make the most of their gym time.

Explore Healthy Eating and Lifestyle Topics

Not everything in your content strategy needs to be about exercise. Related topics can bring you traffic and highlight your add-on services. For example, if you have dieticians or nutritionists on staff, you can discuss healthy eating and encourage readers to schedule a consultation. You can also post about building positive habits and keeping up a gym schedule.

Show Off Your Members’ Results

Social proof is evidence that demonstrates to would-be customers that others like them have had success with you. There’s no better social proof than customer testimonials and case studies. These can be effective as videos or in the form of a short brochure. Showing off results from a variety of members with differing fitness goals will capture attention from more readers.

Demonstrate Your Team in Action

From Pilates to spin to yoga, many gyms are offering classes these days. If that describes you, why not video your trainers at their best? You can have them give advice directly to the camera – which can be a simple smartphone – or even record one of your class sessions. Just be sure to get a release from any members you record or include the release in your membership contract.

Amplify It All With Social Media

Social media is a great way to get the most from all of your content initiatives. Twitter is the best platform for meeting potential new members, followed by Instagram. On the other hand, Facebook stands out for its ability to build a community and communicate with existing members. You can even offer special offers to attract lapsed members or inspire up-sells.

Consistency is the key to getting the most from Web content. A few months of investing time and energy into content, especially blogging, will help you develop a competitive advantage that newcomers can’t beat. Plus, it’s one of the most cost-effective approaches around.

No time to write a blog? No problem. Our team will help you build and stick to a content-heavy digital marketing strategy that works. We can do it all for you while you stay focused on what you do best – giving you plenty of time to hit the gym. To learn more, contact us.