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Understanding the Customer Journey of a Gym Prospect

Customer Journey

With so many forms of online advertising ranging from social media to content marketing, it can be difficult to determine where to start as a gym. Every company in the world wants each customer to have an enjoyable journey from their first contact to their first day working out at the location.

For anyone out there who may be having trouble getting their gym prospects from point A to point B through their sales process, we’ve put together a simple strategy you can follow to get started. Take a look!

Steps to Get More Gym Members

1. Design Your Marketing Funnel

Following a concept similar to a cooking funnel you’d find in a kitchen, a marketing funnel starts with a broad idea to attract leads and narrows down to the select individuals who will become a paying client. While there are a few different funnel strategies out there, the main idea follows a customer journey that begins with awareness of your brand, convincing the person to buy your product, and then building their loyalty to your business.

2. Get People Into the Gym

One of the most effective tactics of getting gym prospects to sign up for a membership is by getting them through your doors. Using content marketing strategies like effective promo videos, blog articles, and social media posts can be a great way to attract attention and build interest in your fitness equipment. Use these avenues to invite them for a free consultation or quick walkthrough of your gym.

3. Follow Up

A major step in the marketing process is collecting personal information, so you can reach out to prospects after the initial contact. Getting basic details like their name, phone number, and email address will make it possible to follow up, answer any questions, and confirm their interest in your facility. Make sure to share information about current promotions or deals the gym is currently offering.

4. Finalize the Sale

The last step involves doing what is necessary to close the deal and get the gym prospect to sign on the dotted line. Overcome any final objections or concerns they might have and confirm they understand the rules and regulations of the gym.

Remember to always ask them for referrals at this stage. Potential leads are four times more likely to use a service when they are referred by a friend or family member.

Struggling to Convert Your Gym Prospects?

Marketing funnels aren’t easy to think up and they can be even more difficult to put into practice. If you’re having a hard time putting together a successful customer journey for your prospects, SoOlis can help! Contact us today to learn more about our marketing services!