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The Power of Transmedia Storytelling

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Today’s consumers make purchasing decisions based on their interactions with brands over time. To build meaningful customer relationships, you need to deliver valuable content via multiple touchpoints and in ways that encourage the audience to assume an active role in the interactions.

Transmedia storytelling is a technique that will help you cut through the clutter and get noticed in the competitive fitness industry. Here’s what you need to know:

What’s Transmedia Storytelling?

Also known as transmedia narrative or multiplatform storytelling, transmedia storytelling is the technique of delivering a single story experience using multiple platforms and formats with digital technologies. Content can be distributed via blog posts, videos, ebooks, social media posts, movies, mobile apps, and more. The content pieces are unified by a common thread, through which the consumers play an active role in shaping their experience.

While the content is constructed around a single theme, the pieces on each medium and platform are unique. Users have to piece them together to complete the story and in the process, creating an engaging brand experience that transcends the individual content pieces.

The Power of Transmedia Storytelling In Fitness Marketing

Relationships are the keys to increasing sales and retaining customers in the fitness industry. Transmedia storytelling is uniquely suitable for building trust and improving engagement with the audience:

  • Great stories are authentic. They evoke emotions and humanize your brand, making it relatable to consumers.
  • You can capture potential customers using the media and platforms of their choice to increase visibility and gain exposure to new market segments.
  • People like to share good stories and a transmedia storytelling strategy can help you create highly sharable pieces to increase brand awareness and engagement.
  • Transmedia storytelling allows you to share your brand story, philosophy, brand personality, and unique selling points consistently without hitting your audience over the head.
  • The technique uses various formats, including visual content such as videos and images, which are highly effective for many social media platforms.
  • The storytelling experience can be extended to one-to-one interactions, such as sales and customer service, to drive conversion and improve customer retention.

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