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The Importance of Internet Remarketing for Health Clubs and Fitness Distributors

Do you ever feel like the Internet is stalking you? You click on a site or product that catches your eye, and before you know it, it’s on every site and it feels like it’s following you. You are experiencing Internet Remarketing. Internet Remarketing is just another example of how the internet itself is evolving. The internet today is now more personal as it keeps up with our day to day activities. The internet stores a complete record of what people search and visit online, creating a connection between the device and person. It has picked up and learned from the user’s activities. Google, for example, takes note of your searches and highlights them a different color and brings them up quicker for the user’s convenience. Also, while a person surfs other websites, sometimes their previously searched sites, such as clothing stores, will show their own advertisement on the side. This example of remarketing shows how the internet has developed a personal recount of the user’s likes and again, is creating a more convenient way to return the site. This too creates another source of exposure for the site. Some of these specific advertisements use carousel ads, rotating different products, hoping that at least one will catch the consumer’s eye and make them click and return to their site. Even if the user is not as interested in the site, that site now recognizes them and is insisting that they should take a second look. The repetition of a visual can increase the interest in the product because it serves as a constant reminder. Social media is a major aspect in people’s everyday lives, and this idea or remarketing can be incorporated in different media outlets, such as: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. This has provided a larger and broader reach to users. Nowadays it’s not about sending one advertisement out and hoping that it does the trick, but utilizing different platforms to connect with a variety of people on multiple networks. Facebook, for example, allows their users to “like” certain pages and their specific interests in order to make its material more relevant to that specific person.  It may seem odd that the internet has a way of technically getting to know you and your personal interests, but it helps the suppliers understand what is important to certain audiences at a cheaper cost. Marketing through the internet is a lot cheaper than using visual print ads and reaches much more consumers.

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