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Quite blaming everyone else for this country's obesity problem

What happened to this country?  Why do we blame everyone else for the obesity problem in this country?  It’s the school’s lunch programs; it’s the free buffet at some companies; and now it is McDonald’s Happy Meal.   I was taught years ago, you take responsibility for your own actions.  As parents, we need to educate our children about fitness and nutrition, lead by example, and stop being lazy.  We are all busy, but our children’s future depends on us.  And if you think Happy Meals are making your children fat, STOP buying the Happy Meals!  Who is the parent?

I do want to congratulate Mayor Gavin Newsom for vetoing the stupid legislation on McDonald’s Happy Meals, but I do disagree it is about inexpensive food being unhealthy.  A McDonald’s Happy Meal is about $3.50, a Healthy Choice frozen dinner has about 22 grams of protein, 260 calories and is about $2.50.  It’s quick, 4 minutes in a microwave, and inexpensive.

I wrote about fitness and nutrition starting at home a couple of months ago and I am going to continue to drive this point home as long as this country continues to make excuses and blames everyone else.