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“New Year, New soOlis”; soOlis undergoes business changes and expands

A of January 1, 2017, began the new year by making slight changes and expanding its business by hiring new members to its team.

Beginning in 2009, soOlis offers health and fitness industries marketing tools to assist your business. They create custom websites and custom fitness equipment portals and help with the ecommerce and online marketing side as well. With over fifty developers and designers, they maintain the ability to keep websites updated within a seventy-two hour time limit and with the increase in staff the hope is to make everything even more efficient. People behind have over fifty years of experience in the industry andn now it allows others to provide their expertise in their field.

In the midst of it all Dan Hallon communicates mostly with soOlis’s clients and potential clients. Dan maintains the east coast, while James runs the central region of the country. Dan previously worked for Verizon and Comcast where he specialized in developing marketing plans for his clients. 

Between Sydney Sebold, the new PR manager, and Corrine Banks, the Social Media Production Manager, soOlis and it’s client’s hold a prominent display on social media sites such as: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Sydney runs client’s Facebook appearance and provides press releases on the company’s news and partnerships. She is currently working on her degree in Communications. Corrine creates videos, advertisements, as well as landing pages for clients. Corrine is an accomplished fitness professional and trainer with over ten years of experience in the industry. Working more behind the scenes, but they contribute to how people today spread the word.

Lastly, the Research & Customer Service Manager, Dina Thompson, provides a quick response to the company’s clients to ensure customer satisfaction. She and her family recently relocated from Germany to Delaware. She is completing her degree in Communications and Marketing.


Sydney Sebold

PR Manager

Dan Hallon

East Coast Manager

Dina Thompson

Research & Customer Service Manager

Corrine Banks

Social Media Production Manager