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July 23, 2012 Nashville, TN,, the most comprehensive fitness equipment and  wellness resource website, continues to grow and assist Fitness Equipment Dealers throughout the country.
As the Fitness Industry continues to evolve, so must the companies and individuals who represent the different fitness equipment manufacture’s products. Most fitness representatives and fitness distributors are using their websites as their brochures. The days of constantly sending out those nice color brochures are gone. This is why’s FEMP (Fitness Equipment Management Portal) is so important. will maintain your product information (images, specs, and videos if available) and make sure it is up to date.
Here are the top reasons Fitness Equipment Dealers have hired
1. Time. With the challenging economy that everyone is working in, owners, managers and salesman are all out selling; they do not have the time to manage and update their websites.
2. We had a friend managing our website and he is too busy to keep it updated. has over 30 people working with them to manage data, design and develop websites, newsletters, and even provide analysis of keywords and phrases to assist in website SEO.
3. We have a local web company that has developed and manages our website. With over 52 years of Health & Fitness Industry experience, doesn’t need to learn the industry before working with a fitness company. They can offer recommendations on different aspects of the dealer’s website. (Who else makes power racks or plate loaded equipment? What information should we put on our Home Page?) They can even go through an existing website and modify key word phrases to assist in website exposure.
4. We just link to the fitness equipment manufactures websites. Linking to the manufactures websites is good from current product information, but you have just sent your prospect to someone a manufactures website.  Fitness Dealers should brand their company not the different fitness equipment manufactures.
One of soOlis’s new clients Doug at FitRev said it best, “Damn your guys are good”
According to Tim Sebold, VP of Marketing & Sales, “We are very pleased with the continued growth of the company. We are very luck to work with such great people!” is a fitness and wellness information website. does not sell any fitness equipment. soOlis only educates the end users on fitness equipment, helps them find local gyms and ymcas, and finally allows them to browse Web MD articles and videos. – the Fitness and Wellness Authority.
For more information on the Fitness Equipment Management Portal or any website need and even if there is a product that you cannot find on soOlis, please contact Tim Sebold @ or call 877-789-8773 ext 705.