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August 20, 2010 Nashville, TN has committed to help Augie Nieto reach his 30 million dollar goal for ALS research by donating a percentage of advertising revenue and providing a link for individuals to donate through

Who is Augie Nieto? He has helped shape the Health and Fitness Industry through his leadership, dedication, and commitment.  He not only put his personal touch on Life Fitness and Octane, but through his leadership of his employees, he has touched almost every other major manufacture, Cybex, Star Trac, Precor, Matrix, Nautilus, Technogym, and many others.   And if for some chance another manufacture hadn’t hired a former Life Fitness or Octane employee, I am sure that the other manufactures always compared their products to what Life Fitness and Octane were doing.  His effect on this industry doesn’t stop at the manufactures, it goes way beyond.  Just think of how many dealers have sold his company’s products and how many dealers got to meet him and see the passion that he possesses for this industry.  And don’t forget the club owners; Augie was committed to producing long lasting, user friendly, and motivating products so the club owners could be successful. And finally how many people worldwide exercise on an exercise product that have been linked to Augie, think about it probably millions.

I met Augie October 12, 1989, my first day at Life Fitness and it just happened to be Club Industry.  Augie personally took me around and showed be every Life Fitness Product, which at that time was only the Lifecycle, Lifestep and LifeRower.  His passion and commitment was unlike anything I had seen before.  It was contagious. Therefore, it is not surprising to see that same passion and commitment fighting ALS.

At, we are honored to work with Augie’s Quest.

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