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Press Release

TriFit LLC,, launches new innovational Health and Wellness website!

Nashville, TN, February 8, 2010 – After months of research and development, TriFit LLC, a Nashville based company, has launched one of the most innovative health and wellness website ever developed,

soOlis is a specialty website dedicated to providing the most comprehensive Health and Wellness information available. Whether you are looking for information about everyday wellness needs or the latest fitness products available, soOlis can help you find the answer.

After years of struggling to find a website that covered Health and Wellness adequately, Brad Bishop President/CEO decided to create one. While working in the Fitness industry for over 16yrs, he found a large disconnects between the wellness information that could truly change ones life and the media driven idea that image was wellness. Wellness is a feeling, not an image. While people want to look better, feeling better is what gives them quality of life. soOlis strives to provide valuable Health and Wellness information that leads people to a healthier lifestyle.

Many people have wondered where the name soOlis came from, soOlis was named for the Celtic Goddess, Sulis (pronounced soo’lis). She was believed to posses a spa shrine whose waters gave health and healing. The Goddess says that the way you manage your energy can be the difference between illness and wellness. soOlis wants to help people manage their wellness and thus find a higher quality of life.