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Precor, Commercial Fitness Equipment Manufacture, Debuts Innovative Console Series 880, 830 & 820

Precor has pushed the envelope again with their new innovative Console Experience Series.   These consoles have been designed to meet every user and gym owner’s needs.  If you are a local gym owner or manager that must have the latest technology the 880 series is just what you’ve been looking for.  Precor’s 880 Series combines Experience and Preva into one power console.  The main experience aspect features a tablet computer like feel with some great new features.  One of the most prominent program features is the featured workout of the day.  The users will get a new workout every day.  And for those new gym members or guests, Precor has also implemented how to use videos; These video will demonstrate how to program the unit.  This is a great tool for member retention.   Precor’s Preva program helps the club owner or manager monitor and get updates on their fitness equipment on the programs for the 880 series.  Precor designs all these programs in house so they can send them out via email or it the equipment is all networked, the updates will occur through the network.

880 Series

The 830 Series is an update LED Display Screen that has the same line of the 880 console.  It also has the new easy to use motion controls that increases and decreases the users speed and incline.   The 830 still uses the reliable LED console to provide the essential fitness information for the user.  And in terms of entertainment, the 830 series can still be purchased with the option personal viewing screens.

830 Series

The 820 Series again uses the same lines as the 880 series but has condensed the information into a 4×6 LCD single color screen.  This console gives the end user the affordability and reliability that goes into all Precor Fitness Products.  It also has an option for the personal viewing screens.

820 Series