Artificial Intelligence Takes Over the Fitness Industry

And soOlis claims outspoken responsibility! Artificial Intelligence (AI) and virtual reality technologies are helping consumers become smarter, health conscious and better educated than ever before. Here are samples of other automated marketing applications within the fitness industry that will be powered by Artificial Intelligence technologies and robotics applications in the near future.

AI applications for personal training programs are just the beginning: 

  • Artificial intelligence-based athletic coaches now help college athletes build sports-specific skills
  • “Smart running shoes” calculate your calorie burn and heart rate, while also improving your running form along your favorite routes
  • A wearable sorts watch that monitors your sleep patterns and resting metabolic rate

Artificial Intelligence applications and robotics offer significant breakthroughs based on deep information channels within your data. What transforms the digital marketing world, though, is AI’s innate ability to better predict human consumer behaviors on a large scale – hand hand-tailored to suit your highly customized business.

Artificial Intelligence integrates machine learning, new algorithms and natural language processing in order to enhance communications. In larger healthcare circles, AI is already helping to uncover heart disease and diabetes at earlier stages.

AI is just one type of futuristic, automated technology that has officially arrived. We can’t wait for the next rounds of innovations. Are you attending the IHRSA Convention in San Diego in March? Chat!