Artificial Intelligence in Health and Medical Industries

The next major step in Artificial Intelligence is the emergence of the ChatBot who came into existence based on demands for efficient management skills. (And more than a little lifestyle curiosity.)

Advanced intelligence exhibited by machines has many applications especially when it comes to hardcore fitness and wellness. AI has also been used to develop and advance numerous fields and industries, including finance, healthcare and education.

Doubtlessly in the coming years, more classrooms and medical facilities will be utilizing AI technologies to complement yearly curriculum and to help medical diagnosis – that is already happening.

Another modern example? Artificial Intelligence is widely used as a digital tutor to train Navy recruits in technical skills in a shorter amount of time.

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Other Tasks Performed by Artificial Intelligence:

  • AI mines fitness-training records to provide useful feedback
  • AI assists in repetitive jobs including medication management or membership sales calls
  • AI means big business gains in medical analytics
  • AI screens candidates for fitness assessments or mental health
  • AI uses search engines with speech recognition tools
  • AI powers companion “nursing robots” to assist seniors or rehab patients

Mobile Chatbots? We’ve Been Waiting on You

If you don’t know Evie, you do not know Artificial Intelligence. Evie has been one of the most popular artificial personalities on YouTube for a decade, and Evie can speak English, French, German, Polish and Turkish.

Chatbots like Evie will soon enable employees to make simple HR interactions from their mobile phones. The technology promises to make working life easier, while reducing the workload on corporate HR departments.

And according to Computer Weekly, employers will also use AI mobile technology to give employees instant feedback on their performance, rather than relying on the now-discredited annual performance review.

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