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3 Reasons Why Fitness Equipment Dealers Should Not Have Links to Manufactures Websites by soOlis

October 5, 2011, Nashville TN,, the #1 fitness and wellness website, now offers licensing opportunities to commercial and retail fitness dealers.  With the development of their extensive fitness equipment database, has opened the opportunity to fitness equipment dealers to license soOlis’ database.  This will allow companies to provide top quality information on fitness equipment for a small monthly fee.

Some would ask, “What is the problem with having a forwarding link to a manufactures website anyway? “  Here are the main reasons why it is a bad idea.  First, and most important, the fitness equipment dealer could lose a sale.  Once a prospect is on a manufactures site, what is going to stop them from contacting the manufacture directly?  Second, the manufactures actually are competing with the fitness equipment dealers on the internet.  The manufactures have much more resource working on internet marketing.  They focus on their SEM, SEO, and PPC; which most fitness equipment dealers don’t even understand.  Finally, fitness equipment dealers need to “Brand Recognition”; they need to be well known in their community, not the manufacture’s brand.  Clients should say, “Doesn’t Fitness Brokers sell treadmills?” not “Doesn’t that one dealer sell Precor?”

According to Brad Bishop, President of, “This is a great opportunity for Commercial and Retail Fitness Dealers that don’t what to or can’t afford to spend money continually updating their website and working on internet marketing.  soOlis will create a landing page that looks like the clients site, mark the manufactures the dealers represent and keep all the products up to date so the dealers will not even have to think about the product section on their site.  We will also provide our comprehensive product comparison feature.”

So any fitness distributor who would like to keep all their prospects on their site or just wants to take advantage on the new fitness equipment comparison feature please contact Tim Sebold at or call 877-789-8773 ext 705. is strictly an information fitness and wellness website.  The company has over 50 years of experience in all facets of the Fitness Industry, fitness dealers, gyms and health clubs, and distribution through manufactures. your fitness & wellness authority.